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It is important to remember that your business is much more than just your website. SEO systems provide high performance strategy and tools that aid in running a successful business. Many businesses fail to recognize the importance of SEOing their website to provide optimal online results in the search engines.

Taking an in-depth look at an online marketing strategy with an SEO agency can be one of the wisest things you can do for the online health of your business, and its advertising rankings and results.

An SEO agency helps improve your website’s rank online by creating targeted content that people find valuable and informative. It’s important to work with an SEO agency that can partner with you, understanding your business goals and objectives, then designing an independent SEO strategy that make the digital results that you are desiring happen.

Hiring someone who does not have sufficient SEO experience usually means you waste time and money on ineffective digital campaigns.

The created content needs to be specific and relevant for the keywords being searched for, to enable the search engines, such as Google, to rank your site. Google will optimize your site’s content by crawling the specific keywords included in the content. Keyword research enables a very direct, specific SEO plan to be implemented with the correct keywords used, enabling the high ranking desired. The content is written to support the terms, and keywords are added in natural places strategically throughout the websites content. 

Clicks Marketing are a highly experienced digital marketing agency. Clicks Marketing offers search engine optimization assistance to businesses with, or without a website. Making a website with SEO integrated into the website build brings amazing search engine rank results in a very good time frame. Many businesses do not realize just how important and valuable to their business SEOing their website is. SEOing businesses websites is a service that Clicks Marketing offers which brings amazing online results. 

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What is SEO & Why Should You Care?

SEO simply stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is a set of proven methods that when imposed upon your current website, or built into a new site, truly optimises a strong, solid digital presence for your business. Businesses not implementing SEO principles on their website are truly missing out. SEO really allows you and your business to make the most of what the online world offers. 

An experienced SEO company can bring highly proven SEO skill sets to the table for your business and its online presence, to boost your website in Google’s search results for particular keywords and phrases. SEO also compliments your website by purposefully making it seamlessly easy for each individual user to navigate your site and find their way through your sales funnel.

SEO is usually not achievable on your own. The work involved in implementing SEO can be simply overwhelming –  a full time job almost. Having a team of SEO professionals who can build a SEO plan to boost your web presence, identify ways to get more organic traffic to your site, and increase your exposure in the search engine results pages is really crucial. Clicks Marketing is an SEO company that has your back in the world of SEO.

Clicks Marketing Provides Various SEO Services

Clicks Marketing is an SEO agency that offers a wide range of SEO services and strategies, such as content marketing, conversion rate optimization and online reputation management. Search engine optimization has become the most proven and effective way to implement highly successful digital marketing results in this day and age. SEO, once kicked in, ranks your website on the first-page search results and guarantees you a huge amount of traffic on your website. If your business is not found by the search engines and ranking on page one of Google, it means you are not reaching customers who are looking for you – you are literally invisible online.  Not being found online these days means that you are going out of business and not reaching your full potential. Hence it is so important to have SEO implemented for your business on your website.

This is the purposeful optimization of the text on your website. This SEO work is often overlooked, but is critically important because it allows for relevant keywords that show up on a page’s title, meta tags, and a sidebar. You will find this SEO work purposefully filtrated throughout the content of the websites individual pages. This is important because on-page SEO helps Google understand what you do. If you’re a carpet cleaning company, one of your targeted keyword phrases “carpet cleaning” should be consistantly throughout your articles and titles. Google loves keywords, which when used wisely in your website content will produce great rankings for your business in Google’s search engines. Digital marketing success relies heavily on the inclusion of the correctly researched keywords in your content.

This SEO work consists of gaining and attracting links from other sites to your website. Links are important because they show Google that you are popular, well-known, and loved. Press releases can be effective for link building. Location citations will also attracts links to your website. Clicks Marketing know how to correctly and professionally get the right links linking back to your website, to continue to enhance each of your page optimization in Google’s search engines.

SEO work targets geographic locations. For instance, if your business is located in Newtown, having your business listed in the Newtown local pages and online directories is a smart move. This is important as it allows you to target potential customers specifically within your business’s local area. Lets face it, everybody loves a local business. Helping each online user find you in their local area is a great and important win for your business.

SEO is here to stay. Successful digital marketing results are acquired through the implementation of SEO. Clicks Marketing are a highly experienced and very professional SEO company that confidently assist businesses with all of their SEO needs and requirements. We have proven and strong SEO principles that will benefit any business through the implementation of organic SEO strategies. Let your customers find you through the implementation of our SEO services on your website. Each SEO campaign that we implement is done with the purpose of driving more traffic to your site. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team are always happy to have a chat about any of your SEO needs.

Keyword research is a crucial step in an SEO strategy that cannot be overlooked. It’s not enough to find, and use unique words from your industry. Our team at Clicks Marketing always do keyword research as part of our SEO strategy before any content work is started. Our clients then choose the keywords they would like us to target for them, gaining traffic and traction to move these purposefully created, keyword rich content pages through the search engines of Google to arrive on page one. Fantastic results are the reward of business owners when careful keyword research has been done before the digital marketing strategy is implemented. 

A search engine optimisation company is your one-stop-shop for all things SEO. SEO agencies provide their clients with proven SEO systems that work, boosting that businesses online results, bringing more calls, and more sales. Clicks Marketing is one of these search engine optimisation companies. We custom design websites for businesses incorporating search engine optimisation features into the website – on purpose. Only SEO can ensure that your company receives consistent traffic in this day and age. Without SEO, your online presence will be virtually impossible to find by your potential customers. Your potential customers are out there in the digital world looking for you. 

SEO consultants can see things about your digital marketing that you can’t see. Bringing with them a wealth of experience in SEO, SEO consultants will provide you with digital stratgeies that you probably haven’t even thought of. Your online results will soar by implementing the SEO advice and changes that they suggest to you. Clicks Marketing know what Google looks for. Our team can help your business with strategic SEO strategies that WILL see your digital presence in Google soar.

Link building includes creating relevant, high-quality content that links from other sites to your site to help improve your ranking performance in Google. Link building is one of the most affordable ways of ranking higher in the search engines of Google. Link building is a SEO service provided by Clicks Marketing to our customers everyday.

There are cases where old website content will need to be re-written, especially if the content in question has not been optimised for SEO with the inclusion of researched keywords. Having quality, specific and on purpose content created with the addition of relevant keywords is crucial to the success of your businesses online digital marketing campaign. The team at Clicks Marketing specialise in content creation that is SEO optimised. The digital results speak for themselves when using SEO optimised content.

Hiring an SEO company to assist you with your web design is a good move. Did you know that websites can be designed and optimised for SEO purposes? Doing this not only makes the user experience much easier to navigate through your site, but it also sets the website and its pages up in a way that will have them quickly accepted by Google to rank well. An optimised website can have very surprising results on Google in relatively short periods of time. 

To SEO a website takes time and a lot of purposeful, hard work behind the scenes. But once the website is live, with keyword rich content sown into each page, the digital results on Google are outstanding. Clicks Marketing take great pride and joy in offering our clients this very specialised SEO service.

Why Work With Clicks Marketing?

Having an online presence is synonymous with having success in today’s business world. However, you need to have an online presence and appear on the top of Google’s search engine results to maximise this success online. With 86% of the world’s Internet users using search engines like Google to search for information online, it’s no wonder that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become a crucial component in any business marketing strategy.

Clicks Marketing is an SEO agency with many years of experience helping companies to build their brand, and grow their business online through search engine optimisation. When you engage Clicks Marketing to partner with you for all your SEO needs, you can be sure that we will provide only reliable, tested and proven online marketing services designed to build and secure your online presence. Our SEO systems and strategies will generate more business leads, calls and sales for your company.

Our professional SEO team are one of the best in the digital marketing industry. We confidently handle all aspects of your online marketing campaign. We uniquely create the right SEO strategy for businesses, based on research and analytics that fits into your marketing budget, link building with high authority websites to boost your rankings, as well as perform technical on-page and off-page optimisation. We will ensure that the search engines are indexing your website properly. We will continuously follow up with you and monitor all aspects of your SEO campaign until your desired results are achieved. Once at the top page of Google, our SEO services will help keep you there.

Clicks Marketing help you Accomplish your Online Goals.

Clicks Marketing help you improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website. We’ve successfully done this for many businesses. Our SEO strategies and systems are tested and proven, having worked over and over again. For more information regarding how we can help your business succeed online, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.



Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

Clicks Marketing SEO Services include high quality, keyword rich content writing, link building, keyword research, backlink analysis, on-page optimisation, and off-page optimisation. With our SEO services, we access high-quality blogs and websites that will link back to your website. Our team are supportive, highly skilled and very thorough in the implementation of all of our SEO services.

Content writing: 

Clicks Marketing offer high quality and keyword rich content writing services. Your web content needs to be written in such a way that Google will take a strong liking to it. Dominant, researched and specific content creation are key for the search engines to take hold of your web pages and start to rank them well in Google. We understand the importance of good quality content creation. Our content writing services help clients develop a strong, authoritative and favourable web presence through high quality, keyword specific content writing.

Keyword research:

SEO companies like Clicks Marketing, always do keyword research BEFORE any content writing is performed. Keyword research enables us to determine what are the most favourable words to go after to include in your website’s content, to assist greatly in ranking high in Google. 

Backlink analysis:

To improve your site’s overall rankings, Clicks Marketing dig deep to find relevant backlinks. Our team look at the link profiles and examine each backlink’s quality, authority, and age. Then we evaluate how many links are pointing back to your site from a reputable source versus a questionable source. These data points help us to determine what links to add to your site. Gaining links to your site is an important part of an SEO strategy.

Why choose this SEO agency?

Your online business will grow with Clicks Marketing Agency on your side. With our extensive SEO experience, knowledge and proven SEO systems that work, we’re confident that we can achieve SEO excellence every time.

Our Process:

Off-Page SEO and On-page SEO are important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. The SEO experts at Clicks Marketing ensure that the two are balanced to give your business the best possible Google ranking for your targeted keywords. 

  • Keyword research: This is the first step in any thorough online SEO marketing campaign. Every SEO agency should look for effective keywords that can drive maximum organic traffic to their client’s website in the present competitive world. The keywords must pertain to your business domain and be suitable for your products or service. Keywords are the cornerstone to any organic search engine optimisation strategy used by an SEO agency. Clicks Marketing deliver effective and through keyword research at the start of every SEO campaign.
  • Link Building: We know that your website’s backlinks can significantly affect how well it ranks on search engine results pages. This is why our team ensure relevant and high-quality backlinks to boost your website’s rankings. Clicks Marketing create backlinks using relevant, high-quality keyword content, giving you a strong edge over your competitors. 
  • Content Marketing: Content Marketing helps businesses improve their online visibility by providing each individual user valuable, informative information, building trust and confidence in the user to become a potential future customer. Clicks Marketing create relevant blog posts to aid in establishing your business as an authority in the industry, helping your website gain more visibility, traction and traffic on the search engine results pages.

Clicks Marketing Can Help Your Business

  1. Improve your online search ranking significantly in the major search engines of Google. Gain better visibility for your website in local search results. You will gain more targeted traffic both from websites and search engines (organic traffic). 
  2. Make it easier for people searching for products and services to find you. Improve conversion rates by establishing a strong online brand presence, leading to more sales from targeted prospects.
  3. Continuously monitor that your website is well-optimised to keep up with the continuously changing search engine algorithms.
  4. Advantageously position your company in online directories and other websites. This helps more potential customers find you easily through the search engines.
  5. Establish a solid online presence that will promote your business’s image (brand recognition).
  6. Increase the number of website visitors and improve customer conversion rates by creating a targeted audience for new and existing customers.
  7. Attract more potential clients to your website by increasing organic traffic through search engine optimisation.
  8. Provide you with detailed reports on Web Analytics, and other online marketing activities.

Benefits of hiring an SEO Agency

Hiring a professional SEO Agency’s services will help rank your website, and market your business on the Internet. Your business will benefit from working with such agencies in the following ways:

  1. You will reduce the time and effort needed for creating search engine optimised content for your website. SEO agencies know what kind of content is needed and what works in terms of keywords that will increase your web presence in search engines.
  2. You will have access to a variety of SEO services that will help you improve and market your website to increase traffic, lead generation and increase sales.
  3. You will have more informed decision making regarding your search engine optimisation campaign so that you know what the best approach is for driving targeted traffic to your website, and keep it coming back.
  4. Clicks Marketing is an SEO agency that caters to many businesses SEO needs and requirements. We have a proven track record of providing all of the above SEO services and more to our clients.

An SEO Agency Will Help Your Business Succeed

  1. Hiring an SEO agency can actually help your staff in the office start considering your businesses online presence. When new changes are made online, your staff can take notice of any changes in call volumes and sales. An SEO agency will provide your business with relevant information to make informed decisions when optimising your website to achieve maximum results.
  2. An SEO Agency knows what it takes to rank a website in the search engines of Google. They can help you analyse your website’s current and past performance by major search engines’ ranking algorithms.
  3. An SEO Agency can gauge your current website’s performance. This aids in helping decide what specific SEO changes may need to be implemented to your website to improve the user experience, traffic volume and search engine ranking results.
  4. You can be assured that an SEO agency’s main goal is all about results for your business. Clicks Marketing understand and know how to generate targeted traffic to your website, and then turn that traffic into sales.

What Are The Typical Costs Of Working With An SEO Agency?

Most business owners desire their website pages to rank high on the search engines of Google. After all, this is where the money is to be made. The challenge with this is that many businesses don’t have the SEO knowledge, tools or time required to be successful at SEO inhouse. By working with an SEO company, your business will have access to all the SEO help needed.  

The consideration of costs when it comes to hiring and working with an SEO Agency is important. Here at Clicks Marketing, we work with our clients on an individual basis, so costs are totally dependant upon what SEO services you are looking for. For example, if a business is just wanting a page or two or specific keyword infused content written along with supporting links, the price will be very different to a business who are looking for a full SEO package that is ongoing. We work with businesses on an individual basis. Costs are determined depending on requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us today of you’d like to speak to one of our friendly and experienced team, to find out where you stand cost wise. 

Factors to Consider when Hiring an SEO Agency:

  • Does the SEO company have experience? This is a very important factor to consider. After all, you need someone who knows what they are doing working on your SEO strategy.
  • Does the SEO agency offer the SEO services you need? Some SEO agencies offer everything SEO, while others only offer limited SEO solutions.
  • SEO agencies with high communication skills are vital, especially if your relationship with them becomes a long-term one. When talking to different SEO agencies, find out what their policies are regarding regular communication and keeping you in the loop.

Clicks Marketing Optimise Your Website For Optimum Results

Clicks Marketing are an experienced SEO company with many decades spent working our SEO magic in the online arena. Our tried and true SEO team implement proven SEO strategies that focus on optimising your website for the best possible search engine results. Our SEO team have the skillset and the experience to provide you with professional SEO services. We provide website optimisation solutions and understand what it takes to successfully SEO a website.

Our SEO company’s mission is to provide a solid foundation for successful online advertising. Our SEO team provide results-driven SEO solutions for effective and high visual internet marketing coverage. We’re obsessed with creating value for everyone we work with and for. Our SEO knowledge and experience help our clients reach their dreams and goals on top of Google’s advertising platform. We are here to make you and your business visible on the front page of Google. This is our passion.

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Clicks Marketing are here for our current and future customers SEO needs. No matter how small or large your project is, our SEO service is here to help and assist. Our friendly and experienced SEO team specialise in using SEO campaigns to drive organic traffic to your website to gain outstanding results. Make the time to call today – you won’t be disappointed that you did. 

Clicks Marketing are your local SEO company.

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