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If you want your Cairns business to stand out in the digital space, it’s time to truly understand the importance of SEO for your business website. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is the process of enhancing the visibility of your company’s website on search engines such as Google. SEO is a crucial component of website marketing, as its implementation makes your Cairns business visible to potential customers.

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We provide:

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  • Over 25 years of experience in providing professional SEO services

  • Transparent pricing with no locked in SEO contracts

  • Reliable search engine results to bolster your Cairns business

By making sure your Cairns business is found on Google’s search engines, your guaranteed to get more online customers. To make your company seen by people looking for products and services that you provide, contact Clicks Marketing today for your first free SEO consultation.

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Does Your Cairns Business Need SEO?

With more and more businesses and potential customers on the internet, the digital marketplace is the best way to promote your Cairns business to a wider audience. If your company is based in Cairns, and wanting to expand its online reach, the most effective method to establish a strong, dominant online presence is implementing a sound SEO plan. This includes content planning, optimising your business’ website with user-friendly design, using specific keywords and backlinks – as well as a host of other SEO techniques. All these will help you boost your website rankings on Google and be found online. 

An SEO strategy can help your Cairns business engage better with local customers, particularly within the  Cairns region. When a potential customer types in a keyword that you have used on your website, you want your website to appear within the first page of their search engine results. SEO helps drive targeted traffic to your website, giving you dominance and authority on Google’s pages. 

Google’s algorithms require websites to display valuable and informative content, as well as abide by safe Google SEO practices. Google prioritises websites that offer highly valuable content for their users. Without quality content on your website and great SEO strategies, your website isn’t going to fair well. 

Clicks Marketing, your trusted SEO service provider, evaluates and consults with you to optimise your website specifically for your market. Our professional team make content more user-friendly and ensure it is keyword-rich, helping to ethically boost your website rankings upwards on Google’s pages. 

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SEO Can Help Your Business Grow

This process of enhancing your Google ranking is known as search engine optimisation. Website optimisation will assist your Cairns-based business in reaching out to more online clients and greatly  increasing sales. Getting more potential customers finding you easily on Google’s search engine improves your chances of being visible to more people who are looking for similar services like yours. SEO is the answer to being seen and found online.

Cairns business owners that implement SEO services on their websites increase their chances of getting found on Google’s first page drastically, getting seen and found by more targeted customers. Website optimisation is vital to any Cairns business that wants to flourish on the Internet.

Increased visibility of your website on search engines with SEO services Cairns, will only improve your return on investments (ROI) and conversion rates. With focused traffic to your website that converts, SEO can also help you accomplish your income generation goals. The benefits of website optimisation using our professional SEO services include:

  • Increased organic traffic,

  • A better user experience, 

  • Increased sales conversions and

  • Greater customer satisfaction.


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Clicks Marketing Provide Professional SEO Services to Businesses In Cairns

Clicks Marketing has 25 years of experience in helping businesses become more relevant to their target audience throughout Cairns. We are a Cairns SEO agency that use ethical SEO strategies to boost businesses like yours, in the local, and international marketplace. 

Website Audits

With website optimisation tactics continuously changing, it’s critical to have a Cairns SEO company undertake frequent audits on your website’s current performance. Your website will be analysed to help enhance your digital marketing efforts by suggesting changes and tweaks to your site, backed up by analytics and statistics. Clicks Marketing can then help modify titles, keywords, meta descriptions or even speed up load times for visitors who want their information as quickly as possible.

Website audits are important to look at how well each page on your site is performing, and what type of traffic is currently being generated. This allows us to evaluate which pages need to be given more attention so potential customers can find them easier when looking online.

On-Page Optimisation

Clicks Marketing provide a complete metadata analysis service throughout Cairns that helps your website perform better in Google. At Clicks Marketing, we believe that on-page SEO is one of the most essential factors to help you increase your organic traffic and expand your business’s reach online.

On-page optimisation aids in expanding the reach of a website by gaining more organic rankings , which directly results in an increased amount of organic web visitors coming to your site from search engines like Google (which holds over 90% of the market share).

Our digital marketing specialists in Cairns can define your web page’s digital needs and offer you professional SEO solutions that meets them.

Technical SEO

Our Cairns SEO solutions analyse and configure your business website to ensure that Google can index it quickly. This will have a positive impact on the search engine ranking of your site, bringing you more traffic fast. 

Technical SEO involves many factors, and one of these is the site’s speed. Studies have shown that visitors usually leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This is why digital marketing experts, Clicks Marketing can use their expertise to optimise your website’s loading speed, making it one of the best throughout Cairns.

Competitor Research

Our SEO agency Cairns can help you learn more about your competition and improve your digital marketing strategies. To gain an edge in the market, we propose focusing on the areas where your competitors fall short.

Competitor research for SEO can help you to identify what your SEO strategy needs to include to help you rank better. Our Cairns SEO service uses this information for building digital marketing campaigns that have relevant keywords, meta description, page title and premium website content that will beat your competition.

Keyword Research

Keyword research helps search engine optimisation specialists identify what terms or phrases people use in Google searches that are relevant to your Cairns business services or products. By doing specific keyword research, Clicks Marketing helps ensure you receive better, highly targeted, digital marketing results.

With over 25 years of experience in the SEO industry, Clicks Marketing offer tailored keyword research to our Cairns clients as part of our professional SEO services, leaving no one guessing which keywords are most likely to be searched for by potential customers online. Choosing the right keywords for your website content makes all the difference when it comes to ranking higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Content Strategy

Clicks Marketing develop a content strategy for your website with a distinct value proposition that attracts new online visitors looking for businesses like yours. Your content strategy should be based on how your audience or target market consumes content and includes the keywords that they are likely to use.

A successful SEO content strategy must strike a balance between client needs and optimisation efforts. When these two factors work together, they can effectively promote content in the SERPs, and help your web pages and its content gather momentum, attracting qualified visitors.

The digital marketing solution we provide will ensure that your website content is user-friendly, engaging and unique. It will also help your marketing establish a strong online presence for your Cairns business in the local digital space.

Link Building

Your Google ranking will increase with an increased number of quality inbound connections to your website. Search engine bots calculate the number of authentic links in your content. This helps you rank better on search engines like Google. When you build more relevant links pointing back to your site, this helps determine Google if they should rank you higher. This also increases domain authority which can help bring both organic traffic and relevance within your niche.

Our digital marketing agency in Cairns helps digital marketers, like your Cairns business, create effective link building strategies for enhanced Google rankings. Our SEO experts can also help deal with link-related penalties which can harm digital marketing results.

Small Business SEO

Clicks Marketing offer time tested and proven SEO solutions for small businesses, creating a strategy that best suits your niche. Cairns-based business need to identify and use keywords oriented towards their business, even if they are uncommon, or long-tail phrases specific only to the company’s industry. These SEO strategies are just that – strategic – to help your Cairns business rank high in the search results of Google.

Local SEO

Clicks Marketing knows how to place your business on the map with local SEO services. If you have a physical storefront, our detailed market research will help identify new clients in and around your area. This is especially beneficial for businesses like yours, to employ this method and reap the benefits by creating keywords that mention certain locations or regions where you wish to focus traffic.

We help small businesses show up more prominently online by taking advantage of their company’s locality across digital mediums such as Google maps and search engines. Our comprehensive market research, combined with a study of what people are looking for via keyword phrases, target specific locations around them and aids in improving visibility to these highly focused audiences.

Customised SEO

At Clicks Marketing, we know that SEO implementation is different for every company that we help. We are here to help you grow with a one-of-a-kind online marketing solution. We take into account your business needs through thorough research so that the solution can be tailored specifically for you. Our professional SEO services vary from company to company, depending on what works best for you. We take care of keywords, page titles and descriptions, page loading time, page rates, bounce rates and create high quality, keyword rich content for your individual SEO campaign.

What Can a SEO Service Provider, like Clicks Marketing, do for your Company?

When looking to hire a Cairns SEO agency, you need to be sure that they can help you achieve your digital marketing goals. A good SEO strategy can do wonders for your business online, so a good Cairns SEO service provider should be able to help you achieve just that. Here’s what you can get with a good SEO strategy in place:

Google’s search engine algorithm analyses website traffic in a localised manner. If your website receives more visitors, Google’s search engine spiders or bots will naturally prioritise it in its search results. As a result, you’ll get more visibility on the internet. The number of people who visit your website impacts how many opportunities your Cairns business has to make an impression, generate qualified leads, share your brand and form partnerships.

One of the most important features of an SEO service is the incorporation of highly relevant and thoroughly researched keywords. The more relevant keywords that are featured on each individual web page, the higher your website’s importance will be in the search engine algorithms.

Google spiders analyse website traffic to decide search engine rankings. It also considers the number of keywords used in the content on each page of your website. Clicks Marketing’s skilled search engine optimisation services boost your search engine rating by tweaking each of the above-mentioned factors to obtain optimum online results.

SEO for your business relies heavily on an effective SEO strategy to get you the results you need. With over 25 years of SEO experience, Clicks Marketing know how to look through statistics and data from your competitors for keywords, descriptions, page titles and more. This helps us ensure premium results from our SEO campaign, helping you generate more highly targeted organic traffic which will increase your overall revenue and sales of your Cairns business. 

With the help of our experienced SEO company, you can take your online presence to the next level, reaching out to new customers. Contact us today for your first, free SEO consultation to understand how we can provide the highest quality SEO  service your Cairns business has been looking for.

How Quickly will the Results of an SEO Strategy be Visible?

SEO services are a long term play, however, we can get your ranking results moving in no time at all. Clicks Marketing aim to ensure page one results within a mutually agreeable time frame. To get the best SEO results in the fastest possible time, we focus on optimising your content and website. Remember that Cairns SEO services are a long term strategy, so you need a sound digital marketing campaign with a long term content strategy, with extensive link building campaigns that can be implemented systematically over time. Search engine algorithms can take up to 6 months to update so whilst you may not see SEO results straight away, when you do, you will be pleasantly surprised and richly rewarded. Consult with Clicks Marketing today to help build a powerful SEO strategy that will get your Cairns business guaranteed online results.

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) on SEO?

A common question that business owners have is, “How much can SEO generate for my company?”

The truth is that SEO is one of the best long-term strategies that a company can implement to see long-term growth for their business. Whilst SEO does not guarantee immediate results, it provides a solid foundation to build upon once you’ve established your website on the pages of Google.

The biggest thing with SEO is that it takes some time before you see any significant changes in the traffic to your web pages. One of the biggest mistakes we hear in regards to SEO is that you should “do it and forget about it”. Constant monitoring of search results should be an ongoing task. Incorporating SEO into your marketing campaign allows you to tap into a world of potential online customers who were previously not aware of you beforehand.

We encourage Cairns businesses looking for online marketing improvement to give SEO strategies a go. SEO strongly assists businesses to gain highly targeted organic traffic from online customers. SEO opens up the playing field – making the world your oyster.

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What Role Does Content Play in an SEO Strategy?

Optimised content is a very important foundation for successful SEO. Relevant, keyword rich content means your website will get noticed more by search engines like Google. This content needs to be original, valuable, keyword rich and relevant to your target audience.

Google algorithms have taken up a user-centric approach to content creation, whilst users require material that is engaging, entertaining, and readable.

A content marketing campaign with a proper SEO strategy is very important to improve the scalability of your business. By implementing a proper SEO strategy, visitors will want to return to your website, easily interacting with each individual web page.

When content is created in a way that gives value to readers, search engines like Google will take note of it and reward you. Search engines can track content easily and interpret if the content is relevant or not based on content signals. This content should be related in subject, tone and style to your business. Content that is not SEO’d with keywords is likely to be lost at sea, drifting around unseen. 

What is Unethical SEO? How can it Negatively Affect your Cairns Business?

SEO is a guaranteed way to make your Cairns business visible to many more people on the internet. With the importance of SEO rising, some SEO service providers have found hacks around the time SEO takes, taking short cuts that do not necessarily end up with the best results. These agencies have now shifted away from creating valuable, Google approved content to optimising websites with unethical and unsafe SEO techniques in the effort to gain traffic quickly. 

These unethical SEO practices, better known as Black Hat SEO strategies, can get you SEO results within days, which at the time may help meet your marketing needs. In the short run, this can seem like a great SEO strategy, but in the long run, if your business has used Black Hat SEO strategies, you can be in for a lot of trouble. This trouble includes getting de-indexed or penalised by search engines like Google!

Black Hat SEO strategies include stuffing content unnaturally with keywords, using fake links and invisible texts to generate more keywords on your website, therefore generating even more keywords. Eventually, search engine bots notice this unacceptable SEO practice on your website and will penalise you. 

This is why it’s important to be aware of ethical, time tested and proven, Google approved SEO strategies (known as White Hat SEO strategies), and avoid Black Hat SEO strategies at all costs. Clicks Marketing value your brand image above all else, which is why we’re here to help you build the image and reputation you want for your Cairns business, using only White Hat ethical SEO strategies that work.  

How Ethical & Organic SEO Strategies can help your Business?

White Hat SEO strategies is the name given to time tested and proven, Google approved SEO practices and strategies. This is a long-term SEO strategy which is considered to be the best way to consistently improve your website’s performance on Google’s search engine. There are five main aspects to a successful White Hat SEO strategy:

  • High quality, valuable website content creation

  • Authentic & relevant link-building campaigns

  • Keyword-rich content, page titles, headings and others

  • User-friendly website designs 

  • A fast loading web page

Since search engine algorithms now cater more towards providing valuable content to their users, your website must do the same. Otherwise you will be losing out on page rankings and potential customers. A White Hat SEO strategy will include a good content marketing campaign based on research that creates valuable and relevant content for your users. 

At the same time, an important aspect of safe SEO practices is relevant backlinks. If your website doesn’t have enough backlinks, your page rankings will be affected. But that doesn’t mean that using fake links or unauthentic ones. Clicks Marketing, a trusted Cairns SEO service provider, helps create successful link building campaigns that can be built upon to ensure that your website always has authoritative links to compliment and strengthen your website’s content. 

There is a big difference between keyword-rich and keyword-heavy content. The latter relies on keyword stuffing to work. When search engine algorithms detect keyword stuffing in your content, your website is automatically de-ranked because it is assumed that your website lacks valuable or important information. It’s very important to use keywords in content creation, but make sure they are relevant and localised to your targeted customers. 

Lastly, every good SEO strategy takes into consideration the design of the website and how fast it loads. There is no better way to lose potential customers than a slow loading website or one that is difficult to navigate through. Your website design needs to be appealing and easy to use, directing users easily throughout the site, and should always load fast!

Clicks Marketing always considers these basic SEO principles in all of our SEO work. Don’t hesitate to be in touch with us today and let us do the SEO work for you!

Cairns - the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

This well known city in Queensland is named after the British governor of the region, Sir William Wellington Cairns. With a tropical climate, Cairns is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. Cairns hosts a wide variety of world wide attractions, the main attraction being the Great Barrier Reef – one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

The city is presently one of the fastest-growing cities in Queensland. It has had an annual growth of over 2.3% over the last ten years. This has resulted in a massive growth in industries such as the tourism businesses, agriculture, aviation and marine industries. Clicks Marketing work with a range of businesses with a wide range of backgrounds. Our 25 years of SEO experience will help your Cairns business attract and gain more reach and visitors to your website. 

Whether you are a café by the beach, a construction business in the main city, or a famous national park, we are here to help you improve your business online presence, gaining more online customers and sales. 

Choose Clicks Marketing, the Best and Trusted SEO Service in Cairns

With over 25 years of SEO experience, Clicks Marketing are a well-known SEO company throughout Cairns. With any of our customised SEO services for businesses all around Australia, our goal is to ensure that your website appears at the very top of Google’s search results. Our professional SEO team has helped small and big business alike, expand their organic reach while achieving amazing results that keep them visible and relevant online.

We are a team of professionals who work tirelessly to help business Australia wide rank higher in the pages of Google. We have the experience and expertise needed for any SEO project – no matter how big or small. Our ethical SEO strategies secure strong online results, and prevent your website from being de-indexed or penalised. Clicks Marketing has helped companies all over Cairns, from large corporations to tiny startups, grow their online presence by reaching out to more people with our top class SEO services.

Contact us today about how we can help your Cairns business succeed through search engine optimisation by calling 61 2 9136 1620 for your first free SEO consultation. 

Clicks Marketing are your local SEO company.

We are here for you. Give us a call today to see how we can help you improve your online presence and increase your calls and revenue.