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For the best SEO Canberra services, turn to industry veteran Clicks Marketing. Your results in Google will speak for themselves upon implementing our SEO services on your website. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation and quote.

When Clicks Marketing work with you on SEO Canberra, you get:

  • Client-focused, results-driven SEO experts

  • 25 years of experience in Canberra SEO services

  • Tangible SEO results

  • 100% honest, reputable SEO practices

  • A flexible SEO contract with no lock-in period

  • Free initial SEO consultation

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White Hat SEO: The Best Way to Boost Organic Search Traffic

You already know that every successful business must have a professional website to attract customers and present products and services in an approachable, inviting manner. To obtain optimum results in Google – arriving on the first page – requires SEO work to be implemented into your website. An unoptimised website will not show up in the top pages of Google, and therefore will be an invisible platform to the audience you wish to target.

Did you realise that over 57% of all consumers research a product online before making a purchase? Investing in online visibility through SEO is one of the smartest business decisions a business owner can make.

High SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings aren’t enough to propel your business forward. Some SEO companies resort to black hat SEO that “tricks” search engines with tactics like keyword stuffing and link farming. Black hat SEO is spamming. Although these tricks may temporarily boost page rankings, they won’t help gain and keep clients in the long term. Search engines may even remove your pages or relegate them lower in the search results if they detect attempts at black hat SEO.

Clicks Marketing takes a 100% reputable white hat SEO approach that includes offering high quality SEO content, using descriptive meta tags, and optimising targeted keyword usage. White hat SEO does take longer to see results, but it utilises the safest and best SEO strategies and practices approved by search engines like Google to boost your search engine rankings over time, drawing in qualified, loyal to your brand customers.

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Most Trusted SEO Agency Canberra

Clicks Marketing is an SEO pioneer that has stayed in the SEO business while competing SEO agencies have popped up and disappeared from the digital marketing scene. The formula of our Canberra SEO service success is simple: we have an in-depth knowledge of proven SEO strategies, a strong understanding of the way search engines work, and a long-term investment with each client.

We are fully transparent with our clients; you will receive detailed monthly SEO progress reports. Clients can opt out of our SEO service anytime. When your hire Clicks Marketing, you don’t have to worry about locked-in contracts, skewed expectations, or hidden marketing fees.

With our SEO Canberra team at your side, you can focus on growing your business, improving your products, marketing and networking with clients. Both large and small Canberra businesses can benefit from our individually tailored, reasonably priced SEO services Canberra offerings.

What SEO Services Does Clicks Marketing Offer?

Site Audit

Site audits allow us to evaluate how your company’s website performs on search engines such as Google. To rank well on Google, your site needs to have:

  • Quality keyword rich content

  • Rapid loading speeds (especially on mobile)

  • Reliable security measures

Even if you’ve had a site audit before, it’s important to evaluate your website’s performance regularly because Google constantly updates its algorithms. For example, page loading speed has more importance as a ranking factor today compared to a couple of years ago.

A site audit enables Clicks Marketing to identify any weak spots in your website and make recommendations for improvement. This basic but powerful service is crucial for optimising user experience and generating higher SERP rankings.

On-site Optimisation

On-site SEO, or on-page SEO, focuses on improving search engine rankings by making changes to your website pages. This is different from off-site SEO practices, like link building on external sites. Examples of on-site optimisation include:

  • Publishing high-quality, authoritative SEO content

  • Optimising engaging page headlines

  • Revising and optimising HTML tags

On-site SEO is so important because it taps directly into the AI algorithms of the search engines. As search engines evolve, they screen website pages more effectively for relevance and quality. In the last couple of years, Google has grown much better at understanding user intent and presenting relevant marketing content.

The SEO experts at Clicks Marketing can help you custom-tailor SEO page content for your targeted audience.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to all website and server functionality, from user-friendly marketing design, to a secure connection and quick loading times.

Important technical SEO factors include:

  • Optimising a website for mobile use. At least half of all web searches occur on mobile devices. Google now implements a “mobile-first” approach.

  • Speeding up the website by using reliable hosting and a fast DNS provider.

  • Removing duplicate content, like multiple versions of the same page.

  • Registering the website with Search Console (by Google) to index the site’s general performance.

The SEO company Canberra experts at Clicks Marketing use their technical SEO experience to make recommendations for your website and its marketing voice so that you gain higher SERP rankings and improve your online visibility results in Google.

Competitor Research

To help your business become more successful, it’s important to study your top competitors in and outside Canberra to learn what they are doing right, such as their online presence and digital marketing strategies.

Competitor research, or competitor analysis, doesn’t mean blindly copying your competitors but instead leveraging tactics that work and evaluating ways to improve them.

When done right, competitor analysis can be an extremely helpful tool. It includes asking the right questions, such as:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What keywords do their websites target?
  • What can you do better?

SEO is competitive by its nature. Digital marketing is really important these days for businesses to flourish. There are only so many places on Google’s first results page. It is more challenging to rank for a very widely used keyword in a highly competitive industry. The SEO team at Clicks Marketing can help you stand out from your competition.

Keyword Research

Industry specific keyword research is a vital element of SEO. It helps you understand:

What your potential clients are searching for

Which keywords rank highly in your industry

Your website’s rank for relevant keywords

Targeted keyword research helps you see which words and phrases are the most powerful SERP ranking catalysts. Our online marketing Canberra team will provide you with a customised, detailed keyword analysis report to help you choose relevant keyword phrases to improve your online rankings.

Once you understand exactly what your targeted audience is looking for, you can stop groping in the dark and focus on answering your clients’ needs through specific SEO content and marketing.

Content Strategy

A successful SEO strategy needs meticulous research, careful planning, as well as clear short term and long term goals. To create powerful, traffic driven content, our SEO service Canberra marketing experts can help you:

Pinpoint your target audience: Who are your customers? What are their age, gender, and purchase behaviours? Who can benefit from the products or services you offer? Search engine optimisation Canberra brings qualified customers directly to your website.

Define your authority: What content does your ideal client want to read? What kind of content can you offer that will set you apart as an expert?

Find the right keywords: What key terms and phrases reflect your audience’s needs and your area of expertise?

Optimising content is ongoing work. Creating quality content once isn’t enough — to keep your website’s rankings up, you need to make sure your content is always fresh and updated.

Our expert content writers at Clicks Marketing will help you update your information and track results by monitoring organic traffic (SEO), SERP rankings, and conversion rates.

Link Building & Earning

When Google spots a website with a large number of backlinks leading to it, its AI algorithms conclude, “This website is a quality source of information.” These “quality” websites get boosted higher in the search engine results of Google.

Backlinks help your website rank higher on SERPs, but not all links are the same. Some unscrupulous SEO tactics include link farming (setting up several websites just so they can all link back to one another) and buying backlinks.

However, Google’s algorithms are getting harder and harder to outwit, and organic backlinks from authoritative websites will always positively affect SERP rankings. In contrast, underhanded practices can get a website banned from Googles pages.

Internal linking can also help with search engine rankings and give a boost to your key website pages like Home, About, and Contact. Our SEO experts can advise you on optimal internal linking strategies to put the most relevant SEO rich content in the spotlight of Googles digital results.

Local SEO Canberra

If your potential customers live in and around the local Canberra area, you should make your content be as locally relevant as possible. Remember, your goal isn’t traffic per se but local site visitors who can walk into your brick-and-mortar location and purchase your product or service.

One effective tactic you can use to boost your digital credibility is displaying genuine positive reviews by local residents. The experts at Clicks Marketing can also update business information on “Google My Business’ verifying your location and hours of operation. Such details may seem trivial, but they are essential to good SEO, so let our SEO company Canberra handle your SEO needs while you focus on managing your business, and communicating with clients.

Customised SEO Reports

Once your SEO campaign has been up and running for a good few months, you may ask the obvious question: how well is the SEO campaign working? Is my investment into SEO paying off? Am I getting a satisfying ROI?

With our customised SEO reports, you will always know the details of your website traffic data and conversion rates. Keep in mind, however, that organic SEO brings slower results than paid traffic. Months may pass before you can judge the performance rate of our SEO service in Canberra, but once the digital results kick in, your business will reap the rewards for much time to come. SEO work never really ends if you want to continue to see first page SEO results on Google.

SEO Plans That Fit Your Business Goals and Budget

Thanks to our wide range of Canberra SEO services, Clicks Marketing can offer you a sustainable plan no matter how large or small your budget is. Our SEO experts can increase traffic flow to your top pages and tailor an SEO strategy to meet your company’s unique goals. With no locked in contracts – our SEO agency Canberra work alongside your digital goals and budget.

We understand that most small businesses have a limited digital marketing budget, so we employ a highly efficient SEO approach to maximise ROI. Our top tactics for small-to-medium-sized businesses include laser-focusing on relevant keywords and providing quality keyword rich content, optimising metadata, and inter-linking to lead your customers to the pages you want to highlight. The results of our Canberra SEO services have left many a business owner over the moon.

Is SEO Worth the Money?

Some voices in the digital marketing industry claim that SEO is “dying” and that businesses should invest in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising instead. However, while PPC ads can help you rake in some quick profits, organic search (SEO), still drives over half of all website traffic, with over 25% of web users clicking the first organic Google search page result.

Paid ad visibility is temporary — once you stop paying, your website slinks back into the shadows of low ranking pages in Google. SEO boosts the value of your online digital real estate and helps generate revenue for the long term.

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A successful SEO campaign isn’t just about immediate sales but about gaining and, even more important, retaining loyal clients for lasting profits. Its one thing to arrive on the first page of Google – yet another thing to actually stay there. Clicks Marketing brings the SEO tools and digital strategies to do just this – get and keep you on the first page of Google.

Whether you run a clinic, a retail outlet, or a restaurant – high-quality search engine optimisation in Canberra can bump up the trust factor and have people purchase your product or service, sign up for your newsletter, and recommend you to others. If your business is not found on the first page of Google, chances are you are not being found and seen.

About Canberra, ACT (“The Bush Capital”)

Clicks Marketing are proud to provide quality and trusted digital SEO services to businesses based in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Canberra, Australia’s largest inland city, is home to more than 430,000 people, with over 30,000 businesses in the private sector.

Surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges and vast nature reserves, the Bush capital is spectacular to see from a hot air balloon during the annual Enlighten Festival. Other local attractions include the NASA base and Canberra Space Centre, award-winning breweries and distilleries, and plentiful year-round sunshine that is perfect for exploring the area’s scenic nature.

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When Clicks Marketing, the most trusted Canberra SEO agency, works with you, you get a results-driven approach that focuses on increasing traffic to your company’s website, improving organic digital visibility, and optimising high traffic conversion rates. Our time tested and proven SEO strategies take you from the initial click to a sale, sign-up, or opt-in.

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