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Have you ever heard the term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) before, and wondered to yourself what is that?

Search Engine Optimisation is a proven process of successful strategies that enable Google to make it easy to find your website, then rank it online against similar websites. When people do a Google search for your Central Coast service or product, you want (and need), your website to appear before them. 

SEO techniques are used that enable the search engines to find the online information that has been purposefully written and published as content on your web pages. When intentional SEO work is done on your website, it makes your website rank climb over time, with the desired purposeful result of arriving on the first page of Google. 

Organic SEO is when unpaid traffic continually arrives at your website through the implementation of SEO techniques. Organic unpaid traffic (SEO) takes a bit more time to kick in then paid traffic, but when it does the results to your Central Coast business are well worth the wait. Clicks Marketing are a Central Coast SEO agency that provides these unique, and highly successful digital SEO skills with excellence, honesty and absolute quality.

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Make the Most of Your Most Important Marketing Asset


Did you know that your website is possibly the biggest digital marketing asset that your Central Coast business has? Nothing can boost your Central Coast business sales more then having your website ranking online on the first page of Google.  Every Central Coast business owner wants and needs their business to be seen online. To be visible. Your competitiors are probably already using SEO techniques to be found on the front page of Google. With the correct SEO strategy and assistance, your Central Coast business can too. Did you know that the further down the search engines you are the more invisble you become? Businesses on page 3 of Google are almost invisible. Like a surfboard drifting in the middle of the ocean. No one knows its there. This is why the first page of Google is always the ultimate goal. Central Coast SEO services are provided with the highest standard of digital excellence by Clicks Marketing. 

Long gone are the days of the now outdated ‘Yellow Pages’. Advertising and marketing have taken a new form now – that being an online digital presence. SEO strategies provide the tools required to make you be seen on this online advertising platform of Google and the search engines.

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First Page of Google Results 

Did you know that 75% of all online searchers never go past the first page of Google when looking through their search results? This is a daunting thought to consider. This literally means that the first 5 to 6 businesses appearing on Google’s first page will receive 75% of the potential business and revenue. This is the one main reason why finding the right Central Coast SEO business to come by your side is so important. An SEO agency who has proven and tested online SEO strategies that will put your Central Coast business and your website on the first page of Google.

The team at Clicks Marketing do just that. And we do it well. For any and all Central Coast SEO online help and assistance, we are here for you.

Rewards that SEO Brings:

Clicks Marketing SEO Central Coast services provide a breadth of solid results for Central Coast businesses who choose to invest in SEO. The return on investment is high once the SEO strategies have been given a little bit of time to kick in. SEO strategies when implemented well can bring your Central Coast business and website the following results: 

New Customers and Qualified Leads to Your Business

SEO strategies bring driven results through your online sales funnel. SEO is one of the most powerful sales tools that any business owner can have access to. One of the rewards of implementing SEO on your website is that not only will potential new customers find you online, but these potential customers will be qualified as they are actually looking for the services or products that your business offers. 

Gets Your Business on the Front Page of Google 

SEO is the tool used to get your Central Coast business on the front page of Google. The experienced Clicks Marketing team know how to not only get your business there, but we know how to keep you on Google’s front page long after you first arrived. 

Optimises Website for User Friendliness

Website Optimisation is a critical tool for Central Coast business owners. SEOing your website provides a natural flowing sales funnel that directs visitors seamlessly through your site – leading them directly to purchase! 


Increased Leads and Calls to Your Business/Increased Sales 

This is every business owners dream. Increased leads, calls and sales. The answer here is simple. Increase SEO and you’ll increase results. The higher up the search engines you are for each page of your website, the more people will find you. And the more people that find you means more leads, more calls and more sales!

Does Your Business Need SEO Help?

Many Central Coast business owners are aware of SEO and have heard about the wonderful results that it can bring. But to actually implement how to do Search Engine Optimisation, from start to finish themselves on their own site, can leave people scratching their head, feeling lost and stuck as to where to start. Not many business owners have the SEO “how to” knowledge – and thats ok. SEO how to takes time alongside purposeful intent and hard work. 

This is why Clicks Marketing are here. We know how to implement, and improve SEO on your site to bring your Central Coast based business much greater results in the search engines. We know how to use SEO to bring you driven results for your sales funnel. Over time, you will watch your website SEO ranking climb higher and higher as we provide your Central Coast business with our exceptional digital SEO services. 

If you are not finding your business on the first page of Google, Clicks Marketing would love to give you expert SEO help and assistance. Do not hesitate to be in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Does Your Business Need SEO Help?

Clicks Marketing have a strong and solid foundation of SEO offerings to assist Central Coast businesses. Simply put, to be found in Google, your Central Coast business needs Search Engine Optimisation. You cannot afford not to be there – especially if your competition already is. Contact us today if you are ready to start standing out online. 

Keyword Research is the critical first step of any successful SEO strategy. This provides the foundation to secure the success of future Central Coast SEO work. Keyword research finds the competitive terms and keywords that people are typing into Google when searching for products or services similar to what your Central Coast business offers. Knowing the keywords that your potential customers are typing into Google is key. Clicks Marketing always provide keyword research and analysis before starting any new work. There is no point making pages of content for keywords that no one is searching for. Clicks Marketing target what people are actually searching for online. 

Keyword rich, content creation is something that Clicks Marketing are very passionate about. The written content on the pages of your website are a main factor contributing enormously to your website rank in Google. Your website and its text should be reader friendly, engaging with your site visitors to keep them on the page for as long as possible, as they search your website, absorbing your content and message to them. Google responds well to, and relies upon, quality keyword rich content that is thoughtfully planned and purposefully written. Clicks Marketing provides the highest quality Central Coast SEO content creation services. 

Clicks Marketing love to SEO websites. Search Engine Optimisation is what we were born to do and have been implementing for many decades now. Creating a fancy looking website without any SEO work engrained throughout the site actually get businesses nowhere. A huge digital marketing opportunity is totally lost, missing out on the powerful advertising platform that Google offers.

Search engines, such as Google, go from website to website collecting information about each page that has been uploaded. This is why Website Optimisation is so important – it ensures that each page is relevantly prepared to Google’s liking. This information is then put into an index which are then analysed by algorithms. Hundreds of ranking factors are taken into account, which then determines the order in which each page will appear in the search results (Google), for any given query.

In these days and times it is critical for your Central Coast business to be seen and found on the search engines. 

All of Our SEO Packages Include:

  • Free First SEO Consultation
  • Organic SEO Traffic Specifically Designed for Your Central Coast Business
  • Competitior Analysis and Keyword Research
  • Direct Relevant Traffic to Your Website through Link Building
  • Purposefully Planned Content for the Pages of your Website
  • Monthly SEO Central Coast Progess Reports
  • No Central Coast SEO Locked In Contracts
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Determining the Budget

Clicks Marketing have affordable, budget-friendly Central Coast SEO services and packages available for prospective Central Coast based businesses. Not every business wants, or needs, a big, long lasting SEO campaign. It might be that you just need to hire us on a consultative basis to help improve some content and external link profiles. Maybe your Central Coast business is simply needing a few pages of expertly written, keyword focused content for your website pages. The team at Clicks Marketing provide high quality Central Coast SEO services, regardless of the size of project. 

There are many guiding factors that determine the cost of Central Coast SEO. Clicks Marketing will happily discuss your digital goals and put a strategy in place with the aim to rank your business so it is found on the first page of Google. 

Clicks Marketing - Contact Us Today!

Clicks Marketing are your local Central Coast SEO company. We are here for you. Give us a call today to see how we can help improve your online presence as well as increase your leads, calls and revenue.

Clicks Marketing are your local SEO company.

We are here for you. Give us a call today to see how we can help you improve your online presence and increase your calls and revenue.