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If you are looking for specific SEO help in Coffs Harbour, then you have come to the right place. Clicks Marketing provide professional SEO services to Coffs Harbour businesses. We’ve been in the SEO business for a long time – we have the expertise to know exactly what your business website needs to attract more online visitors, and to rank highly in the competitive pages of Google. 


The first thing we do as a Coffs Harbour SEO service provider, is implement effective and proven SEO strategies that will help  your business get to the top page of Google’s search engine. Did you know that an average of only around 10% of internet users continue their Google search onto page 2 when searching the internet for a product or service? If you need to enhance your Coffs Harbour business website traffic, you must improve your search engine ranking by implementing a unique Coffs Harbour SEO strategy. 

The SEO experts at Clicks Marketing are well aware of the Google search engine algorithm and can help get your website and its pages to the top of Google’s search engine. Our SEO services Coffs Harbour wide will help your Coffs Harbour business be found online.

Perks of choosing Clicks Marketing

  • First free consultation on search engine optimisation for your Coffs Harbour business 

  • Experienced & dependable Coffs Harbour search engine optimisation experts

  • Transparent SEO pricing with no locked-in contracts 

  • Solid 25 years of expertise in the SEO field

  • Reliable, regular & exceptional content-driven SEO results 

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Why Are SEO Services a Good Investment for Your Coffs Harbour Business?

Investing in Coffs Harbour SEO services will be extremely fruitful if you are willing to stick with it for the long haul. Just employing a Coffs Harbour SEO agency once won’t help your business rankings grow online. You need to be consistent with SEO – it takes time for the results to show on Google. But when the SEO results do show, you will be so glad you did. 

  • A Rise in Website Traffic

If you have a website for your Coffs Harbour business, you may know how important website traffic is to your business. Website traffic is simply the number of online visitors that visit your website. Your website’s performance is directly related to these numbers. If no SEO work is implemented onto the individual pages of your website, you will not be seen or found on Google. It’s like floating around in the middle of the ocean – hoping that someone will see you. SEO strategically sets up each page of your website to be found and ranked by Google, allowing potential customers to find you when looking online for your particular service or product.

Google’s search engine analyses the traffic in a localised manner. If your website is getting more visitors, Google’s search engine spiders will automatically suggest your Coffs Harbour business over others in its search results. This leads to more online visibility and recognition. This is important in suburban cities like Coffs Harbour because of the high competition with a smaller target audience.  

  • Relevant, Keyword Rich Content

Clicks Marketing provide highly strategic, quality, keyword rich content as part of our SEO service to Coffs Harbour businesses.  One of the most important parts of SEO’d website content is the inclusion of highly relevant and thoroughly researched keywords. Proper background research identifies the most used keywords searched by people who are searching online for a business or product like yours. Incorporating relevant keywords into your content makes Google’s search engine algorithms prefer and suggest your page more often to people searching online. 

  • Better Google Search Engine Ranking

The ultimate goal of employing our Coffs Harbour SEO services is to increase your Google search engine rankings. The higher your page rankings are in Google’s search results means the higher the share of the marketplace is received by your Coffs Harbour business.   

Google search engine spiders decide your search engine rankings by analysing a specific set of data about your website, and your website traffic is one of them. It also considers the number of keywords incorporated in your web page articles. Clicks Marketing’s professional SEO services enhances your search engine rankings by modifying and improving both of the above-mentioned criteria.

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  • Effective Digital Marketing

The internet provides Coffs Harbour businesses with quick and powerful communication and reach in today’s digital world. Nowadays the internet is the most effective way of marketing for your Coffs Harbour business. 

Digital marketing is shaping conventional marketing strategies in a new way. Clicks Marketing’s SEO services provides our customers with a purposeful SEO plan and marketing strategy customised to that. These in-depth SEO marketing tactics are highly effective and your Coffs Harbour business will reap the online rewards and expand much faster this way. 

  • Staying Ahead of the Competition

Clicks Marketing SEO service Coffs Harbour will keep your business ahead of the competition. By incorporating the latest time tested and proven digital marketing strategies, we will increase your search engine rankings on Google. 

A steady digital marketing strategy with keyword-rich engaging content, regular metadata analysis, constant website upgrades can take your Coffs Harbour business ahead of your competitors. 

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Legitimate & Powerful SEO Tactics

Keyword Research

Prioritise keywords and phrases that are directly related to the content of the Google-listed page. An effective and successful SEO plan requires knowing what keywords your potential clients are typing into Google’s search engine, as well as comparing your competitors’ content. Clicks Marketing always provide keyword research as part of our SEO service. 

Keyword Rich Content

Keywords should not be forced into your website’s content. Instead, keywords should be naturally included throughout the sentences on your website’s pages. This should be done in such a way that the reader can easily make sense of the content. Clicks Marketing are experts at creating high quality, keyword rich, natural flowing content for our Coffs Harbour clients.

Relevant Links

Link building is the process of obtaining links from relevant websites linking back to your own. Link building is a priority for successful SEO implementation, and works hand in hand with keyword rich , high quality content. Business owners who want to boost their site’s authority and drive referral traffic need link building as part of their SEO routine. Link building is crucial since it influences how Google ranks web pages. According to Google, businesses can raise their site’s ranking by increasing the number of high-quality sites linking back to their pages. In other words, if you can get external websites to link to your pages, your content will rank higher for the keywords you’re targeting.

Our SEO Coffs Harbour specialists have a lot of link-building knowledge. For any business website, link building is very essential and if done correctly, it has the ability to powerfully enhance your website traffic. 

Addition of Sitemap

Both visitors and search engine algorithms are directed by a sitemap. The most significant pages on a website are listed in a sitemap, which ensures that search engines can find and scan them. Sitemaps also aid in the comprehension of your website’s structure, making navigation easier.
Sitemaps are important not only for search engines, but they can also help visitors who are looking for a specific page on your website.

A well-defined sitemap aids in your website’s Google ranking. Clicks Marketing Coffs Harbour SEO services can provide you with this as well. 

SEO Tactics to Avoid

Keyword stuffing

An unethical SEO strategy deploys numerous keywords on your business website without any context. Google algorithm picks up the keywords and places your page higher. But once caught, your business website can get banned from Google and become de-indexed. Once this happens it becomes very difficult for an SEO agency to recover the site.

Invisible texts

Invisible text is when you put keywords in your website with the same colour as the background. This way, the viewer doesn’t seem to notice but the search engine spider does. Search engines recognise that you are trying to hide them and will penalise your website.

Doorway pages

Doorway pages are designed to perform well for specific phrases. Portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages, and other terms have been used to describe them.

A doorway page is a page on your website designed to rank for specific search terms. Website owners would frequently generate a large number of pages in order to rank for a single keyword or phrase in search results. Doorway pages are typically only a “doorway” to the main content and are of no benefit to users. This approach sometimes involves redirection to another website, and when the user clicks on it, the meta refreshes, and the user is immediately redirected to another page. 

A bunch of fake pages are built and slipped into your business web page content. This improves the Google ranking quickly but it’s not effective in the long term. Creating doorway pages has long been considered one of the most dangerous black hat SEO tactics. 

Link farms

This is comparable to the doorway pages. Another Black Hat SEO tactic, link farms are all about establishing fake websites to increase your search engine ranking artificially. 

A link farm is a website (or a collection of websites) constructed solely for the aim of raising the number of inbound links to another website. A link farm resembles a typical website, but the majority of the content is hyperlinks to other websites, which are often random and irrelevant.

Since the content on the web sites linking to each other is typically unrelated, not authored by a human (it might be made using programmes or services), and of low quality. Link farming is considered a “black hat” approach of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Content Cloaking

This sneaky SEO tactic is all about creating two different content sources for viewers and the search engine spiders. 

Cloaking is a search engine optimisation strategy in which users are given content or information that differs from what is supplied to search engine crawlers.

The website server is particularly configured to give different material to search engines than it does to regular users when using cloaking. 

Some examples of cloaking SEO:

  • Search engines are presented with a page of HTML text, whereas humans are presented with a page of graphics or Flash files.

  • Only displaying keywords in the content when search engine crawlers request the page, rather than when a real human visitor visits the page.

SEO services Coffs Harbour

The performance of your Coffs Harbour business website is thoroughly checked during a website audit. The data is analysed and used to help enhance your digital marketing strategy. Once the analysis has been completed we then make the the changes that will help optimise your website. This include optimising your titles, keywords, meta descriptions and website speed. It’s important that your website is regularly audited, as each niche changes constantly. What was working one month, may not be working the next.

On-page SEO is essentially a website’s metadata enhancement. This SEO method comprises of reviewing historical data and modifying metadata to boost performance. On-page optimisation aids in the expansion of your business website’s reach by gaining more organic rankings and therefore more organic traffic.

We offer a complete metadata analysis service in Coffs Harbour that will help your website perform better in Google. At Clicks Marketing, we believe that on-page SEO is one of the most critical factors in helping you increase your organic traffic.

In our technical SEO audits, we look at the technical performance of your website. The more “trackers” who come to your website, the higher your page will be indexed by search engines like Google.

Our Coffs Harbour SEO solutions detects and configures your business website to optimise Google’s search engine bots. This has a positive impact on your website’s rating, and you will see an increase in traffic very soon.

Our Coffs Harbour SEO service helps you learn more about your competition, which in turn can help you improve the quality of your own website and services. We recommend concentrating on the elements of your business website where your competitors fall short. This helps your online visitors choose you over others in the Coffs Harbour digital marketing field. 

Keyword research is a method of determining the most commonly used terms by people looking for a company or product like yours in the search engines. Clicks Marketing provide specific keyword research to our Coffs Harbour clients as part of our professional SEO services. Choosing the appropriate keywords in digital marketing can make or break your business. Contact us at any time for more information on our SEO Coffs Harbour services.

Like any other digital marketing approach, our SEO services specify a target audience for your Coffs Harbour business. The brand entity and niche of your company is evaluated from the standpoint of a user and this is then used to determine specific content strategy.

At Clicks Marketing, we create a content strategy for your website that has a unique value proposition which draws new online visitors to your organisation that are searching for a business like yours.

Your Google ranking can increase by increasing the number of quality inbound connections to your website increases. Search engine bots in Google will value your website more as a result of enhanced link building, and it will help your keywords rank higher. A higher number of relevant links leading back to your website increases domain authority. Search engines use authority to factor how authentic and valuable the content published on a website really is. Increasing links can boost both inbound organic traffic and can also increase your relevance in the niche.

Small business SEO Coffs Harbour

Implementing SEO for a well-known brand with a high domain authority is not the same as implementing SEO for a small business. Clicks Marketing SEO solutions for small businesses focuses on specific keywords and leverages digital marketing strategies to enhance your organic traffic. Coffs Harbour small businesses need to utilise keywords that are oriented and specific for their business, including conducting keyword research for long-tail and uncommon keywords that suit your business. Clicks Marketing uses niche-specific keywords to help get a page one ranking on Google for your small business. 

So if you are a small business in the Coffs Harbour area, make sure to call Clicks Marketing. We are the best SEO service provider in the area. We make sure to look after local businesses with the most competitive pricing possible.

Coffs Harbour Local SEO

Clicks Marketing raises your company’s visibility and exposure in your local community. Extensive market research and a metadata audit of your website are included in our local SEO services. As a result of our digital marketing strategies, your website will appear in local search results, bringing your business new localised clients. Using keywords that mention the locality, region or city you want to target can increase traffic from those specific locations. This strategy is important for local businesses who have a physical store front.

If you are looking for a SEO specialist that can help you within the Coffs Harbour area, look no further than Clicks Marketing. We are here to make sure that we help you reach your local SEO goals. Call us now!

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Customised Coffs Harbour SEO

At Clicks Marketing, we offer SEO services that are specifically tailored to your website. This one-of-a-kind SEO strategy has the ability to assist companies in growing more quickly than any other businesses that don’t use SEO services. We recognise and adapt to your company’s digital marketing needs with a customised SEO solution, building a well-thought-out SEO plan after doing thorough research. Keywords, headings, content strategy and word count are just some of the things that can vary for each business and an effective SEO plan from Clicks Marketing focuses on customised research to meet your online goals and generate revenue for your business. 

Contact Clicks Marketing for the best Coffs Harbour search engine optimisation service in town. We will make sure our customised service will help you grow your organic visitors as well as your overall profit.

We are Proud to Offer our SEO Services at Coffs Harbour

With over half a million citizens, Coffs Harbour is an extremely important city in New South Wales, Australia. It’s situated on the north coast of Australia with a rich history. 

Coffs Harbour’s economy is based on trades, fruits, timber, etc. The international trades happening on daily basis throughout Coffs Harbour impacts greatly on the countries economy. Tourism, business and fishing also contribute a major part to the city’s economy. 

As a Coffs Harbour SEO agency, we have experience dealing with all kinds of businesses. We are familiar with how customers search for a business or product on Google when they need it. At Clicks Marketing, we don’t approach every business with a single digital marketing plan, rather we deal with each business with individual care and importance. Customising your online marketing needs to your business is important in a vast market like Coffs Harbour. 

Get in Touch to Boost Your Online Presence

Clicks Marketing are a well-known SEO company all around Australia. We ensure that by using our specific SEO services, your website will be found on Google’s top page. We’ve worked with both small and large enterprises in the past and understand what kind of SEO services you’ll need to use to stay ahead of the competition.

Choose the very best SEO Coffs Harbour help and take your business to the next level. Increase your visibility and organic traffic and be found in the leading spot on the first page of Google.

To find out more about our professional SEO Coffs Harbour services, don’t hesitate to call us today on 61 2 9136 1620 to receive your first, free SEO consultation!  

Clicks Marketing are your local SEO company.

We are here for you. Give us a call today to see how we can help you improve your online presence and increase your calls and revenue.