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With more and more people turning to the internet for their shopping needs and search queries, it’s important that your website has a prime spot on Google’s search results. Clicks Marketing can get you there, with increased traffic flow and higher conversion rates! 

Customers looking for a service or product on Google usually don’t go past the first page. Most customers tend to go with a business that they are familiar with. If you want your Darwin business website to get enough exposure, a Darwin SEO service is the best choice for you. 

At Clicks Marketing, we provide results-driven search engine optimisation services in the Darwin area.

If you are looking for the best SEO service in Darwin, Clicks Marketing is at your service. When we work on search engine optimisation, your business will automatically be promoted steps ahead of your competitors. With Clicks Marketing, you’ll receive - 

  • A complimentary initial SEO consultation on your business

  • Experienced, dependable & reliable Darwin search engine optimisation experts

  • Upfront pricing with no locked-in contracts 

  • Our 25 years of expertise in the SEO field

  • Reliable and regular solid SEO results 

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How to Increase Your Search Traffic with our Darwin SEO services?

Obtaining good volumes of website traffic can be difficult – it is not easy if you do not know how. The internet is filled to overflowing with competition, and it’s tough to make headway in a sea of sites, not to mention the fluctuating market that will either help or hinder your ranking efforts.  

But what if you could get ahead of your Darwin competitors? Darwin SEO agency, Clicks Marketing, helps you do just this. We thoroughly analyse your competitors, adjusting and tweaking your website to help improve your site rankings on Google. 

A search engine optimisation service can help your website move to the first page of search engines such as Google. After your business website appears on the first page and gets to the top three spots, converting online visitors into regular customers becomes much easier.  

Services such as search engine optimisation Darwin have become popular, and necessary, over the years for businesses survival. Darwin based businesses need to incorporate professional SEO services to increase their organic reach, to be found high up in the pages of Google. If you are not being found on the first page of Google, chances are your Darwin business is not being seen online at all. 

Clicks Marketing endeavours to help drive a large portion of targeted traffic to your website by incorporating niche specific keywords, into high quality relevant content, which boosts your sites rankings. 

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How Does Clicks Marketing Improve Search Engine Ranking?

Keyword Rich Content Creation

Keyword rich content creation is one of the most crucial aspects for successful SEO outcomes. This helps you craft your page URL, page title, and page headings. Content on each individual page of your website needs to be written on purpose. Strong, authoritative, keyword rich content  strengthens your entire website, allowing it to achieve a position of dominance on the top page of Google. This is exactly the SEO result that Clicks Marketing aim to achieve for Darwin business owners

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Regular Content & Audits

Regularly adding new content to your site shows Google that your site is active and relevant. Clicks Marketing complete a thorough website audit on your site before any SEO work begins, so we know exactly what we need to target. Clicks Marketing are your SEO service Darwin specialists.   

Consistent Metadata Analysis

Metadata is the set of data that describes data available on your page. Well planned metadata can improve your Google ranking.  

The text that Google shows when your web page is open in a browser tab is called title metadata. 

Description metadata is the part shown under your page heading on Google search. It’s a description window of your Darwin business. It should be crisp, to the point, and interesting so that the user opens the page. A call to action can also help improve your click through rate.

Addition of Link-Worthy Sentences

Using hyperlinked sentences or phrases is better than using page links in words like ‘click here,’ ‘apply now,’ ‘read more,’ etc. Google computes no value for these links.

Using Alt-tags

Using alt-tags for images helps search engines like Google understand your page better. Its really important that you always complete your image uploads with a keyword rich alt tag. Clicks Marketing understand how all these individual techniques work together to provide optimum SEO results. We are the Darwin SEO specialists.

Different Kinds of Darwin SEO Digital Marketing Services

Ethical and Effective SEO

Safe and proven SEO practices are termed “White Hat SEO.” Some of the different time tested and proven, safe SEO methods that can be implemented on your website are: 

Keyword Research

Target and filter suitable keywords and phrases that directly connect to the content on the website shown on Google.  Knowing exactly what keywords your potential customers are typing into Google’s search bar is essential for a successful SEO campaign.

Keyword Placement

The placement of keywords in the content on your website shouldn’t be forced. Instead, keywords should flow nicely throughout the sentences on each individual page of your website. 

Quality Keyword Rich Content

The addition of quality, keyword rich content into the individual pages of any website draws Google’s attention. Your online audience that could not find you before, will soon see you ranking on Google’s first page.  Darwin search engine optimisation is made successful with the inclusion of quality, keyword rich content. 

Relevant Links

Link building is an important part of Darwin SEO services. It’s important to use links relevant to your content. Clicks Marketing provide highly efficient link building campaigns that work wonderfully alongside keyword rich content, making your Darwin business Google rankings soar!

Addition of Sitemap to Website

Sitemaps guides your website visitors, as well as search engine algorithms. A properly created sitemap helps to increase your website’s Google ranking.

Unwanted SEO Tactics

Unethical methods, known as “Black Hat SEO” services, can quickly get you a positive Google ranking. Offering a false sense of security, these services use dishonest tactics which will eventually harm your website and its rankings.

These are some of the things Darwin businesses shouldn’t fall for:

Unwanted SEO Tactics

This technique uses a vast number of keywords on your page randomly, which doesn’t necessarily make any sense.

This is an unethical way of putting texts with the same colour as the background. This way, the text is only visible to the search engine and not to the reader. 

These are fake pages to trick the search engines into ranking your website higher. Algorithm’s can quickly realise how these pages are fake, then striking these pages off the internet, de-indexing and banning your website. 

Uses two different contents for visitors and search engine spiders. This is sneaky and dishonest.

Setting up fake websites and using them on your website pages to trick the search engine spider. 

Comparison and Discussion

Clicks Marketing adhere to strict, honest, above board SEO company codes and services. We also recommend our customers not to use black hat SEO marketing tactics to avoid getting banned and losing that vital organic traffic stream.

An SEO Agency Darwin can Trust

Implementing SEO strategies into your Darwin business requires skill and experience. With 25 years experience, Clicks Marketing are constantly adapting to recent trends and incorporating them into our professional SEO service.  

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All new clients receive a complimentary SEO consultation with Clicks Marketing. Contact us today! We sincerely look forward to helping you and your Darwin business thrive through implementing SEO strategies on your website.

Darwin SEO Service by Clicks Marketing

Website Audits

At Clicks Marketing, we always start by checking your website performance through a comprehensive audit. This is an essential service for your website because the results’ from the audit provide us with the necessary information to optimise your website for Google’s search engines. This gives us a strong foundation on where to start with your individual SEO plan to success.

Website audits at regular intervals increase your Darwin business’s relevancy on Google and should be incorporated into your digital marketing plan.

On-site Optimisation

On-page SEO acts on the page metadata. Updating your description metadata with more relevant keywords and phrases will draw the viewer’s attention. Incorporating these updates can significantly increase your website’s reach. Changing the title metadata according to on-site optimisation can positively influence your website’s performance on Google, which is the ultimate SEO goal.  

Part of Clicks Marketing thorough SEO service includes a complete metadata analysis and updates for your website.

Technical SEO

Clicks Marketing Darwin SEO service offers technical SEO audits for your Darwin based business. In this step, we check the technical performance of your website. SEO techniques draw out the search engine algorithm for your website. The more “trackers” that come to your website in search engines like Google, the higher your individual pages will get ranked.

Competitor Research

Knowing about your competitors can help you improve your own message through our SEO service. 

Clicks Marketing SEO services includes a complete analysis of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, their customer reviews, plus a lot more. Contact us for thorough  in-depth competitor research. The results found here just help create a stronger message and position for your Darwin business.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a process to find the terms most commonly used by people who are searching online for a particular business or product. If you want to know what people think about your business in Darwin, keyword research is an important part of your SEO plan.  

For experienced and trustworthy Darwin SEO services that does keyword research right, contact Clicks Marketing today.

Content Strategy

Our Darwin search engine optimisation service focuses on providing a high quality, keyword rich, content strategy. We develop a content strategy based around the previous keyword research done, which is primarily what people are searching for online. 

We make sure your content shows that you are an authority in your niche. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your content. 

Link Building

Link building is an important part of any SEO strategy. Increasing the number of high quality, relevant, inbound links helps increases your Darwin business’ Google rankings. With more quality link building, search engines such as Google will value your website more, and more.

Small Business SEO

Small business SEO is significantly different from SEO used by an established brand with popular domain authority in Google. Clicks Marketing SEO services targets relevant keywords and increases traffic for Darwin small businesses through digital marketing.  We help Darwin business’ thrive online!

Local SEO

Clicks Marketing offer higher online visibility and exposure to your Darwin based company in your locality. Our local SEO Darwin services includes extensive market research and metadata analysis of your website.  

Our SEO work makes sure that your website gets found on local search engines where local people search for businesses like yours. We take our responsibility to make your Darwin business highly visible on Google very seriously.

Customised SEO

At Clicks Marketing, we provide an SEO service that is tailor-made for your business. Our unique SEO plans can help your Darwin business grow faster than a general SEO service. With a customised SEO service, we recognise your business’s needs and act accordingly. We pride ourselves on delivering a strategically mapped-out SEO plan for your business.

Should you Invest in a SEO service?

SEO services are an effective and essential part of any digital marketing plan. SEO is an industry that has grown exponentially over the last decade as companies compete for organic traffic. It important that you keep up with all the changes around you to keep your business before your customers eyes. Being lost online is devastating – its like being lost as sea – no one can find you. Making your Darwin business be found online is what Clicks Marketing is all about.  

If you are planning on a one-time SEO service, it can momentarily increase your Google ranking, however over time, it’ll fade away. If you are coming into the market  for the long term, investing in SEO is one of the best things you can do for your Darwin business. 

About Darwin, Northern Territory

Clicks Marketing are proud to offer and provide professional SEO services throughout Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory. As of 2019, the city has 1,470,255 people, making it the largest city in the sparsely populated Northern Territory, the regional centre of the top end.  

Darwin has several beaches along the waterfront, with lush green parks that are bustling spots for a variety of tourism businesses. These range from crocodile parks to safaris. Even though the primary industry for Darwin has always been agribusiness and mining, there is also a thriving medicine and education sector.

Darwin’s proximity to Southeast Asia makes it a vital link between Australia and countries like Indonesia and East Timor. Businesses around Darwin generally draw more customers due to the city’s geographical significance.

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Clicks Marketing are a well-known Darwin SEO company, providing SEO help to businesses all over Australia. With our SEO services Darwin, it is our job to ensure that your website appears on the first page of Google. Our SEO experience and expertise helps your Darwin business grow and flourish, reaching out to more and more people. We have helped small and big businesses expand their online organic reach. Clicks Marketing know what SEO services work to keep your Darwin business alive and relevant in the online world!

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