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The Newcastle metropolitian area is the second most populated area in NSW. Being the worlds largest coal export port, as well as the ecoconomic and trade centre for the resource rich Hunter Valley, its no surprise to find a city full of thriving business. Clicks Marketing provide professional, high quality Search Engine Optimisation Newcastle services to these businesses. 

Finding your place in the vast advertising platform of Google can be an overwhelming wonder for many people. The web is the place to be found in this day and age. Long gone are the days of promoting your business in the out-dated yelllow pages. Marketing and advertising has moved over to the world wide web, the search engines such as Google.

If you are a Newcastle based business, looking for SEO solutions, look no further then Clicks Marketing. We provide proven and tested SEO services Newcastle wide, that bring great results in the search engines of Google.

SEO Newcastle & Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process that makes it easy for Google to find your website, then rank it against similar sites (your competition). SEO provides you an online business advertising presence, enabling people to find you when they search Google for businesses like yours in the Newcastle area, simply by the press of a button. SEO and Google work hand in hand to advertise, promote and make visible your business and brand. You simply can’t have one without the other. Online ranking results in Google are provided by solid, strong and proven SEO strategies being implemented on your website, helping to lift your web page rank continuely upwards to reach the first page of Google. These tested and true Newcastle SEO strategies are proudly and confidently provided by Clicks Marketing throughout the enitre Newcastle region. 

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet. SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of web traffic to your site through organic (SEO) results. This is a simple definition of SEO. 

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Clicks Marketing

Clicks Marketing are a highly experienced SEO search engine optimisation company. We offer the highest quality SEO Newcastle services. We are a local Sydney based company to Newcastle. Understanding and implementing SEO work is our speciality. We are well known for quality and high page website ranking in Google Australia wide. If your business is needing the assistance of an SEO consultant Newcastle, we are here for you. 

Professional and Forward Thinking 

Clicks Marketing are a professional and forward thinking digital marketing company. We have been around even before Google arrived on the scene! We proivde our clients with an incredible range of professional SEO services. Each SEO service is specifically designed to fully benefit our clients online web presence, boosting your business and brand awareness to new heights online. 

Understanding how to optimise your digital marketing strategy is essential these days for business online success. Our SEO Newcastle services help drive more traffic to your website, and convert that traffic into loyal, paying customers. Stop losing customers to your competitiors – call our SEO agency Newcastle today to see how we can help you thrive online. 

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Newcastle SEO Services provided by Clicks Marketing:

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Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword research and analysis helps find the best converting keywords for your business. Being found for these searched keywords means that potential customers will find you on the web before finding your competitors. When considering SEO Newcastle work, understanding your customers online behaviour is a good place to start. What keywords are they typing into Google to solve their problem? Keyword research is essential in the beginning stages of any SEO planning before any SEO work begins. This gives your Newcastle business a solid foundation to build upon.

Keyword Rich Content Writing

Clicks Marketing have quality, highly experienced SEO content writers, totally dedicated to providing results driven text for your Newcastle site. The content on the pages of your site are so important as they work towards your Google ranking. Our content writers are skilled at incorporating SEO keywords to your sites content, whilst keeping the text flowing and easy to read. Our content writers are trained with the latest analysis tools to ensure that your content is favoured by Google. There is no such thing as “perfect content”, but when our writers complete your keyword rich text, the goal is to satisfy both your web visitors and Google at the same time. 


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Website Optimisation

Building a solid site with a strong message, along with clear and easy navigation, assists the search engines ranking your site quickly and easily. Building a pretty looking website with no SEO work built into it really does not get businesses anywhere. Having repeat customers return to your site sends a loud message to Google as user experience plays a part in your search engine results and rankings. Clicks Marketing specialise in website optimisation. SEOing your website, making it a well oiled machine, with easy navigation, along with a clear strong sales message leading your web visitors seamlessly through your sales funnel is what Clicks Marketing excel at. 

In Marketing Terms, SEO Provides: 

SEO and marketing go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. SEO marketing brings a whole new qualified customer base direct to your doorstep. A search engine optimised website will bring prosperous, ongoing results to your business once the SEO work is fully firing up in Google’s search engines. 

Increased Leads to Your Business.

One of the most effective ways to measure SEO success is by the increase in qualified leads to your business. By leads, we mean enquires, phone calls and online form submissions directly from your website. Implementing and increasing SEO work on your site means one thing – increased leads. 

Improved Website Rank 

Improved website rank means more traffic, more leads, more revenue. Online visiblilty means everything these days. Appearing on the first page of Google is the goal achieved by SEO work implemented by a competent SEO company with proven, strong and steady SEO plan, principles and strategy. 

Increase In Calls and Sales

The higher up the search engines your Newcastle business is, the more people will find you. Having your brand and clear message found and seen high up on the first page of Google is where you need to be. Don’t let your competitors have the biggest piece of the pie. This is where the real results reward those who invest into SEO work.  Every Newcastle business owners dream is to have increased calls and sales.


Keeping Your Rank on Google's First Page.

Upon your Newcastle business arriving on the first page of Google, remaining there long after is no easy feat. The team at Clicks Marketing are adaptive, flexible and diligent. Goolge will not be fooled. Its algorithm’s can change unexpectedly. Once we have your business at the top of Google, its our aim to keep you there.  

Moblie Friendly 

Having your site mobile friendly is necessary so your site can be viewed easily on a mobile device. Did you know that at least 50% of Google enquires are made from a mobile device? Having your web content and site available on mobile devices gives everyone – everywhere – the opportunity to have the same user experience and value as a desk top user. Don’t let your Newcastle business miss out on this amazing part of the advertising marketplace. 

Each year the moblie base user percentage increases towards moblie users. So its very important to not overlook your mobile optimisation strategy. People use their mobile device at the exact time they are looking for something. Mobile searches are usually very specific, with people looking for opening hours, address details, etc. People want and  need mobile results straight away. Google treats these searches very seriously. Don’t let your Newcastle business miss out on this great advertising platform. The team at Clicks Marketing can confidently help you with this SEO Newcastle strategy. 

Determining the Budget - SEO Newcastle

There are many guiding factors that determine the cost of SEO Newcastle services. Clicks Marketing will happily discuss your SEO goals and put a strategy in place to help rank your business to be found on the first page of Google.

Is your Newcastle business in a highly competitive industry with many competitor sites having similar, or the same search terms? If so, you may need to invest a little more into SEO Newcastle to see the work pay off. How quickly you want to see results will also determine the budget required. Keywords play a critical role in site rankings. The more competitive your search terms and keywords are, the more dollars are usually needed to support the SEO work required. 

To produce great SEO Newcastle results that can be seen, Clicks Marketing usually suggest outlaying $2000 per month for the first 6 months to get you up and going. By this time, SEO Newcastle results will be kicking in. In our first consultation (which is free), our team will direct and guide you to the best possible solution for your web SEO requirements. An honest assessment will be provided for your consideration for any website and content changes that may need to be made, to compliment the proposed SEO strategy.

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It may be that your Newcastle business is already ranking for some keyword phrases and you just need to hire us on a consultative basis to help improve the content and external link profiles for a few existing pages on your website. This is priced and quoted based on a case by case basis, depending upon what your Newcastle business needs are. Single page web content optimisation can start as low as $300 per page (one time payment). 

Link Building 

Link building involves finding the right websites to link back to your web pages. These websites will be in a similar niche to yours, already having existing, strong authority and traffic in Google. Most of the websites that we reach out to with link building have a minimum of 5000 visitors a month. This is very important as if you have content posted on a website that does not get any traffic from Google, you will rarely see any ranking increases or traffic results. Acquiring links to newly optimised web pages starts from $250 and above. When our clients are on a monthly Newcastle SEO package (with no lock in contracts), link building is included as part of the monthly package. 

How Long Does it Take to See SEO Results? 

Organic SEO results do take a longer time frame then paid traffic, but consider this. Everyone these days are seeking to be visible on the search engines of Google. The competition is huge. It can take up to 3 to 6 months for an SEO campaign to start showing results for your Newcastle business. But once these great results show, you will realise that you have hit the sweet spot. The investment and work into SEO never really ends. But then on the flip side, the rewards never end either. Obtaining the top positions on Google’s front page doesn’t happen overnight. Google needs to trust and validate your site, its web content and linking before it elevates you to the prized first page of the search engine. 

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