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 Clicks Marketing are SEO Perth experts, helping your Perth business be found on the first page of Google. We ensure that your website receives the highest level of online exposure that your Perth business deserves! We provide professional, results driven, search engine optimisation services throughout Perth. 

Clicks Marketing, the best SEO Perth agency, provide: 

  • First free initial search engine optimisation consultation for your Perth based business

  • Experienced, dependable & reliable Perth search engine optimisation experts

  • Upfront SEO pricing with no locked-in contracts 

  • Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

  • 25 years of expertise in the SEO field

  • 100% reliable and regular SEO results

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What Is Website Traffic? Why Is It Important?

The number of visitors to your website, (website traffic), is essential to your Perth’s business overall health, as the number of visitors equates to the number of opportunities to gain new clients. If you are a Perth business owner with a website, you must be aware of website traffic and how consistent traffic can help you grow your Perth business, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.

Studies show that only approx 10% of internet users will continue their online search through to  Page 2 of a Google search whilst looking for a product or service. Your Perth based business needs to stay on the first page if you want to draw a large audience. You can’t afford to miss out – especially if your competitors are already there. Implementing a focused SEO strategy will help you boost your website’s traffic and your Perth’s business overall exposure. To help you with that, contact Click Marketing’s Perth SEO services agency. We have the proven SEO experience to keep your company ahead of the rest by getting your website to the top of Google’s search results. 

Our SEO consultants Perth wide offer high performance SEO strategies to help you run a profitable company. Many businesses overlook the necessity of SEO implementation on their website, helping to achieve the best possible online results in the search engines, as they don’t really understand the power of organic traffic. It takes a while for search engine optimisation to take effect, but once the SEO results start showing your business on the first page of Google, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the return on investment.

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How Will SEO In Perth Increase Your Website Traffic?

Search Engine Optimisation Perth has become increasingly necessary over the years. Without SEO, your business and website will not be found online. What is the point of having a website if it is not SEO’d to present well in Googles advertising pages? Clicks Marketing are a trusted Perth SEO company, enabling Perth businesses to expand their market share and reach by gaining a strong online presence. Our SEO team are deeply committed to providing exceptional website optimisation help to Perth businesses. 


Perth search engine optimization services offered by Clicks Marketing help bring your website to the first page of search engines like Google. Our professional SEO website services help you outperform your Perth rivals. We thoroughly research your competitors before making specific adjustments to your website, helping to lift your Google results. We regularly analyse your SEO results to make any required adjustments to further increase traffic to your website. Converting internet visitors into regular clients becomes considerably easier when your Perth company’s website appears on the first page of Google.  

Clicks Marketing use strategic and on purpose SEO strategies to help drive a lot of visitors to your website. Increased internet traffic doesn’t happen overnight, nor with a click of a button. Clicks Marketing can provide relevant, keyword rich content for each page of your website, giving your overall website strength, and making it search engine friendly, so that you will be able to rank as fast as possible.

Getting in touch with a Perth SEO expert can definitely help you rank higher in the search engines. A high search engine ranking in Google propels your Perth business’s profitability, and helps you gain more overall customer reach.

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How Does Clicks Marketing Improve Your Search Engine Ranking?

Creating Quality, Keyword-Rich Content

One of the most important parts of achieving excellent SEO results is the creation of quality, keyword rich content. After we’ve taken care of the page URL, title and headings, the content on each web page becomes the most crucial element in SEO implementation. To make your website more relevant to search engine algorithms, well researched keywords need to be utilised that will help Google understand your business, helping you rank well for those relevant keywords in the pages of Google. 

Each page of your website’s content should be written specifically. With the help of our SEO Perth company, we can create strong, authoritative, keyword-rich content, that will improve the overall quality and strength of your website. Your business can then dominate Google’s first result page, whenever a relevant query is entered! As favoured SEO providers Perth wide, this is one of the SEO targets that we strive for at  Clicks Marketing – to help Perth business owners achieve, and retain, a dominating spot on the prized first page of Google.

Fresh & Regularly Updated SEO Content

Adding new content to your website regularly demonstrates to Google that your website is active and up to date. Website audits, when combined with specific SEO strategy and digital marketing, helps your Perth company in becoming very strategic and relevant with your digital advertising message. Clicks Marketing, an SEO company in Perth, does thorough website audits for your business. Give our friendly team a call today to see how we can help you.

Regular Analysis Of Metadata

Metadata is information that describes the statistics of your page. Well-planned metadata can boost your Google ranking in a variety of ways.

The most important of the metadata is the Title information text that Google displays while your website is open in a browser tab. If you update your page regularly, it will remain relevant in Perth if you have the keyword Perth in the tab. 

Description metadata is the text that appears beneath your page’s title in a Google search. It’s a sneak peek into your company’s description. It should be brief, to the point and compelling enough to attract the user to view the page. An SEO management Perth company, like Clicks Marketing, confidently handle the required analysis and implementation of this data as part of our varying SEO services and packages.

Using Alt-tags

Search engines, such as Google, better understand your content when alt-tags are used for photos on your web pages. When uploading a picture or photo, including a keyword-rich alt tag is important. Clicks Marketing know how all of these SEO techniques work together to generate first class SEO results for your Perth based business. Our committed SEO specialist, Perth wide, ensures that your website has all the best SEO practices. 

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Website Audits

Clicks Marketing always begin by conducting a full assessment of your website’s current structure and performance. This is an important foundational part of our SEO service, as the data collected is analysed and used for the betterment of your online marketing strategies. The audit’s findings give us the information we need to optimise your website for Google’s search engines. Regular website audits improve your Perth company’s Google relevancy, and should be included in your digital marketing strategy.

We look at the specific elements that a search engine considers when ranking your site on Google’s pages during the audit. The following are some of the metrics we consider:

  • Website structure

  • Mobile-friendliness

  • Page loading rates

  • Security certificates

Your website must have the following features to rank well on Google:

  • Quality, Keyword-rich content 

  • Quick loading speed (especially on mobile)

  • Dependable security solutions

Frequent website audits can considerably improve your website’s position on Google and traffic. In a website audit, your business website performance is checked thoroughly. Come build your unique SEO strategy for success with Clicks Marketing for a better search engine optimisation Perth experience!

On-Site Optimisation

On-site or On-page SEO is essentially a metadata upgrade for your website. This SEO solution entails analysing past data and altering metadata to improve performance. On-site optimisation can help you expand the reach of your website. This technique helps to boost search engine rankings, by altering the pages of your website so that you are more relevant to Google based on the specific keywords that are being targeting.

The purpose of on-site optimisation is to assist users and search engines in the following ways:

  • Recognise the objective of each page or website.

  • Find the information on the website to be useful and relevant.

  • Connect the site or page to a specific keyword search.

In this sense, on-page SEO is less about keyword repetition or placement, and more about getting to know your consumers, what they’re searching for, and what themes (keywords) you can utilise to generate content that best meets their needs.

Clicks Marketing provide professional Search Engine Optimisation Perth wide. We proudly offer a comprehensive digital analysis service that will boost your current website’s performance to new heights in Google’s pages.

Technical SEO

In our technical SEO audits, our SEO consultant Perth will look at your website’s technical performance. The greater the number of “trackers” who visit your website, the higher your page will be indexed by the search engines.

Technical SEO is focused on the structure of your website. Google uses ‘spiders,’ which are bots that crawl and review websites. Clicks Marketing help the bots with this process by creating a structure that is simple to crawl, which makes indexing easier. By giving Google more relevant data to work with, this helps it determine where to rank each page of your website.

Technical SEO also makes it possible for search engines to recognise structured data and eliminate duplicate content. A technical SEO checklist developed by Clicks Marketing will help you cover all of your bases, and eradicate any flaws that may be impeding your Perth company’s online digital success.

Our SEO service detects Google’s search engine bots and configures your website to outsmart them. All of these SEO principles have an effect on the ranking of your website.  By implementing SEO marketing Perth practices, you’ll soon see an increase in SEO traffic!

Competitor Research

Implementing competitor research reveals exactly what competitor content is ranking well in the top pages of Google. Our vigilant team provide this thorough SEO service, which shows a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Competitor research is done to assist in determining the foundations of what SEO work needs to be implemented on your site to join your competitors, then outrun them, on the top pages of Google. 

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Keyword research is another foundational SEO technique that sources what people’s most often used terms are whilst searching for a company or product. Google appreciates keywords, which, when employed correctly in your website content, will result in higher search engine rankings for your company. 

As part of our professional SEO services in Perth, keyword research is an integral part of what we offer to our clients. In digital marketing, it is essential to choose the right keywords, as they will either make, or break, your companies online exposure. For experienced and trusted Perth SEO services, contact us at Clicks Marketing any time!

Our Perth SEO services, define an online target audience for your business based on your overall business goals. Following that, a deeper SEO analysis helps identify the image of your organisation from the perspective of a user.

Old website content may need to be rewritten in some situations, particularly if the text has not been optimised for SEO with the addition of researched keywords. The success of your business’s online digital marketing campaign depends on having relevant keywords included in the content, that have intent, are specific for the niche, and are targeted for the overall outcome of the business. SEO is critical for your websites content, as this is what enables Google to take hold of and rank.

Our search engine optimization Perth team specialises in creating SEO-friendly, keyword rich content, directly targeted to your niche. We develop a SEO content plan for your website and its individual pages, to attract more online visitors to your business through our expert SEO strategies, making you be seen and found online.

As the number and quality of inbound links to your website increases, so too does your Google rating. Any SEO strategy should include link building as a key component. Increasing the right amount of high-quality, relevant inbound links from other websites will assist your Perth based business to improve its Google results. This SEO technique compliments and goes hand in hand with keyword rich content creation, working together to improve your Google search engine ranking. 

As a result of improved link building, search engine bots will value your website more, thus it will appear higher on the search pages.

Implementing SEO for a Perth small business takes a very different approach to providing SEO services to well-known brands already with a significant Google domain authority. Clicks Marketing SEO services successfully find and target relevant keywords and generate strong traffic for small businesses throughout Perth without breaking the bank. We confidently bring rewarding results to small businesses in Perth through our diligent, time tested and proven SEO strategies that are implemented on purpose to bring online reward.

Clicks Marketing, a Perth SEO agency, are here to help increase the visibility and exposure of your company in your local community. We ensure that your website appears in your local search results. When customers are out and about searching for businesses like yours, they want to find you online straight away. Clicks Marketing make it our responsibility to make sure your Perth business is visible on the local pages of Google. We are your local SEO Perth specialists. 

Is SEO A Good Investment For Your Perth Business?

Professional SEO services are very effective in digital marketing when they are implemented well. Marketing techniques have changed substantially over recent years. Long gone are the days of advertising in the ‘Yellow Pages.’ People today turn their eyes to the internet to find what they are looking for. This is why SEO is so crucial for businesses these days. SEO is THE way that your business will be found online.

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SEO strategies do not bring instant results over night. But, in the coming first few months of SEO implementation, you will see your individual web page ranking results start to confidently climb Google’s ladder. SEO is one of the best investments Perth business owners can make if they want to stay alive in the marketplace for the long run. Clicks Marketing SEO expert Perth is here to bring you these outstanding SEO results.

Perth, Western Australia - The City Of Light

Perth is Australia’s fourth-most populous city, with a population of 2.1 million people and is home to several major public buildings and historical landmarks. Perth is a coastal city that is important for international trade and travel. 

Government, commerce, culture, education, sports, recreation, shopping, and entertainment all converge in the city. The city also boasts a Mediterranean climate and more sunshine hours than any other capital city in the country.

Out of a total of 114 industries which include hospitality, insurance, construction, telecommunications and others, 4 main sectors constitute approximately 50% of the total employment. These are Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Public Administration and Safety, Health Care and Social Assistance as well as Mining.

By utilising the best and most affordable SEO Perth services available, you can reach out and be found online by this massive audience.

We are delighted to announce that Clicks Marketing is ready to boost your online business awareness throughout Perth – Western Australia’s capital and largest city (WA). For professional SEO Perth services – look no further than Clicks Marketing! We specialise in website optimisation Perth wide.

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Clicks Marketing are a well-known SEO Perth WA agency with many happy clients all around Australia. We’ve helped many small businesses expand thanks to our highly effective SEO services, and we have also worked alongside big businesses. We understand the search engine marketing Perth business prefers. We know what kind of SEO services you need to stay on top of your marketing game. Your website can successfully appear on Google’s first page with the professional SEO help and assistance of Clicks Marketing. We are one of the best SEO companies Perth has to offer.

Call Clicks Marketing today for the very best SEO agency Perth has to offer! Our friendly SEO specialist is here for you.

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