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SEO is whats known as Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation is a set of tried, tested and proven online systems, that when implemented into a businesses website, assists the search engines of Google in ranking the business at the top of the search engines, on Google’s front page. SEO systems provide high performance, online strategies that provide Hornsby business with a faulous increase in organic traffic to their website. 

If your local Hornsby business is not appearing on Google’s first page, you are not being seen online, missing out on many potential online customers, leads, calls and sales. Clicks Marketing are a local, highly experienced SEO company that expertly know how to improve your site structure to reach more traffic and higher rankings in Google for Hornsby based businesses. Would you like to dominate the search engines for your Hornsby based business? Clicks Marketing can confidently get these SEO results for you.

Can SEO Really Help My Hornsby Business?

SEO strategies can help any business in the Hornsby shire thrive and grow. Imagine your calls, sales and leads going through the roof in a month period of implementing SEO. Once SEO work has kicked in for your site, your sales results will start to soar when compared to previous month results.

Clicks Marketing can Make Your Hornsby Business Shine Online

Clicks Marketing specialise in everything SEO right across the Hornsby shire. Our experienced, friendly and local SEO team specialise in getting you and your Hornsby based business ranking on the first page of Google. We specialise in gaining your business a steady stream of online traffic straight to your website by boosting your rankings in Google. Website traffic that just keeps on coming back. Here at Clicks Marketing, our goal is to make your business shine online throughout the Hornsby shire. 

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SEO Your Website 

Many businesses fail to recognise the importance of SEOing their website. SEOing your website provides optimimal online results in the search engines of Google. SEO is a proven organic advertising strategy that takes the overall health of your website to the next level, as it targets specific, qualified traffic that is looking for the very product or service that you offer, bringing that traffic right to your front door. 

Navigating SEO

Navigating the online world can be quite daunting for local businesses throughout Hornsby. The fact is that implementing SEO from scratch on a new website that is currently being built, or building SEO into the site structure of an already built website, is a full time job. 

Clicks Marketing stand by the local businesses of Hornsby by providing exceptional SEO services that can be worked into varying budgets. Our SEO strategies and systems are proven and solid, offering Hornsby businesses an opportunity to present themselves and their brand to the online world with authority and clarity.

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SEO Steps

There are a few steps to successful SEO implementation for your website. Each step compliments and builds on the previous, allowing for strong, solid search engine results as well as high volume, quality, organic traffic arriving at your website.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the important first step of SEO that cannot be overlooked. Clicks Marketing always do keyword research and analysis before any content writing is performed. Knowing the targeted keywords that people are searching for online gives you a strong foundation to base your SEO strategy on. 

Content Writing

High quality, keyword rich content is loved by Google. Optimising your site by filling the web pages with specific and on purpose content, full of relevant keywords is critical to the success of your SEO campaign. Clicks Marketing have full time, efficient and highly skilled English speaking writers that pack a punch into content writing. Content writing is a great skill that we are able to bring to the table to assist you to optimise the content on your site.



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Web Design

Another consideration for successful SEO results is the analysing of your website. Seeing if there are any blocks or hiccups as visitors move and  navigate around your site is important. Having a clear and easy pathway for users to come through the front door and enter further into your website means that a much higher percentage will successfully find what they are looking for on your site, then smoothly make their way through the sales funnel that is ingrained throughout your web pages. To obtain great SEO results means that not only does your business need to be found on Google, but also the visitors that arrive at your site need to be able to easily navigate through to the end result – which is purchasing what they came for! 

Local Listings - Is Your Business in the Hornsby Shire?

Local SEO work targets geographic locations. Listing your Hornsby business in local online directories and local pages helps to increase your visibility locally, as well as increase your search engine rankings. Google are becoming more and more focused on delivering results tailored on not just what people are searching for, but where they are searching from. Let’s face it, people love local business. Potential customers located in the local area of Hornsby are targeted when you list your business in local online directories. This is a simple, yet powerful, online advertising SEO tool which Clicks Marketing can help you with.  

Google Rankings

Improving your Google rankings is SEO’s ultimate main goal. Gone are the days when people reach for the Yellow Pages to find a business or service. Now everyone goes online to find what they are looking for. Not being seen on Google’s front page means that your business is missing out on traffic – and lots of traffic at that! Implementing SEO strategies on your website and in your content means that your rankings on Google are going to rise. Did you know that most users looking for a service or product online don’t generally go past the first page of Google in their search? No matter what type of business you have in the Hornsby shire, it is vital for you to have a strong presence in Google.


Increased Website Visitors

Ranking on the front page of Google means one thing – increased website visitors. Increased site visitors means increased calls, leads and sales. This should be every business owners dream. Search Engine Optimisation is the powerful tool used by Clicks Marketing that delivers these results. 

Clicks Marketing, Your Local Hornsby SEO Experts

Clicks Marketing are a locally based SEO company to Hornsby. Our friendly and experienced SEO team specialise in using SEO systems to drive organic traffic to your website, gaining outstanding ranking results. 

Need SEO Help?

If your Hornsby business is needing SEO help for your rankings and/or website structure assistance for user friendliness, Clicks Marketing are here for you. Maybe you just need some solid, keyword rich content written for your site with supporting links. No job is too big or too small for our team at Clicks Marketing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today if you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you.

Clicks Marketing are your local SEO company.

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