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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a marketing strategy that optimises web content to rank higher in search results. It is key for your business to rank better on search engines like Google, generate organic traffic to your website and essentially, improve your conversion rates as the traffic increases.

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Why does your Northern Beaches business need SEO?

SEO is a great marketing strategy for businesses that want to rank higher in search engine results pages. A good SEO strategy can improve your website’s ranking and visibility, which will lead to increased traffic from visitors who are interested in what you have offer. SEO helps companies get their name out there by making it easier for people around the world to find them online.

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What are ethical SEO strategies?

The rise of search engines and users going online for information has made SEO one of the most important business strategies today. You cannot afford to ignore this marketing strategy that has a good return on investment. But in the race to be the first on Google, sometimes businesses and Northern Beaches SEO service providers often use unethical SEO practices to optimise websites.

While these SEO strategies are great for instant results, in the long run, your web pages are can get de-ranked or banned for using these SEO practices. When working with a Northern Beaches SEO agency, here are some ethical SEO practices your SEO strategy should have:


  • Keyword-rich web page content

  • Authentic backlinks

  • Keyword-friendly metadata and page titles

  • Valuable web page content

  • On-site and technical optimisation

  • Be user friendly

  • Content strategies for search engine optimisation

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Our Northern Beaches SEO services include:

Clicks Marketing is an SEO agency Northern Beaches that can help you meet all your digital marketing goals for your business. Behind every successful business lies a well-planned marketing campaign. We can help you plan and execute just that.

Website Audits

With the help of a website audit, we will be able to identify and fix any website issues that prevent your business website from ranking well on search engine result pages. We’re experts at SEO and are more than happy to give you a report on your website with suggestions for website optimisation.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO service Northern Beaches includes page loading time, metadata, website responsiveness, mobile-friendliness and more. A website that has good technical SEO will be crawled faster by search engine bots and eventually, get indexed at an equally fast rate. It is an effective way to rank better on Google. 

Keyword and Competitor Research

Our SEO services Northern Beaches also include competitor research and SEO keyword development for all kinds of business. We’ll help you find regions, target customer demographics and trends to create a list of keywords relevant to your business. This can help you become more relevant to your target customers in Northern Beaches. 

Content Strategy:

Inbound marketing is an aspect of content strategy planning that makes your business visible to website visitors and customers using targeted keywords and backlinks. Our content strategy planning services include helping you make content that can generate more visitors to your website.

Link Building:

To improve your website’s rankings, you need to build high-quality links that are relevant to the topic on which they’re focused. We can help formulate great link campaigns for sites like yours so we can get more organic traffic towards our business site. With the help of backlinks you can increase your domain authority and website exposure as well.

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Local SEO:

Small business require special attention to the local keywords used in their content. We build website page content that is focused on local keywords while also building website links to the website from high-authority sites. This helps improve website traffic and website rankings eventually, increasing sales and revenue for your business.

About the Northern Beaches

These beaches extend from Port Jackson to Broken Bay and is one the eight costliest region to live in all of Sydney. The beaches are known for its cool climate throughout the year due to the sea breeze. There has been a recent surge of construction businesses in the region to support the housing requirements of the Northern Beaches. 

You can also find a wide number of schools, scientific labs, trade and hospitality businesses in the region. Our SEO expertise can help all kinds of small businesses and large corporations with their website optimisation requirements. Whether you are a real estate company or a financial firm from the region, contact us today!

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