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Grow Your Organic Search Traffic with White Hat SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is key to attracting an online audience for your business and converting them into customers. Today, over 60% of shopping occasions start online, and 48% of consumers turn to search engines such as Google when they start looking for products.

With so many consumers using the internet, it makes sense for Wollongong businesses to turn to SEO to increase their online visibility. Following white hat SEO practices will increase your search engine rank and help you make it to the top of search engine page results (SERPs). The higher your ranking, the more people will see and visit your website.

Having a meticulously cultivated website with high-quality, Google-friendly content is the best way to drive your online presence long-term. Implementing SEO strategies are what you need to accomplish that feat. Search engine optimisation will help your site rank higher in Google than your competitors over time, when people search for terms relevant to your specific business, brand, industry, or services.

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The SEO Agency Wollongong Businesses Trust

Learning how to navigate the world of SEO is not simple. It takes a lot of time, effort, experience, and skill. Leave the SEO to our experts at Clicks Marketing—That way, you can focus on your company’s daily operations.

At Clicks Marketing, we provide businesses in Wollongong and elsewhere in Australia with comprehensive SEO services. We understand Google’s website ranking algorithm and can help new pages rank well and older pages improve their rank.

With nearly 25 years of experience, we were involved in the online content industry before Google even existed. Our Wollongong SEO service specialists can help businesses of all sizes achieve steady business growth via effective content optimisation.

We offer a wide variety of SEO services Wollongong wide, with SEO packages to fit into any budget. We pride ourselves on providing reasonably priced digital marketing SEO solutions and are passionate about helping Australian businesses thrive.

We take a personalised approach to your SEO marketing campaign and will give each page of your website the individualised attention it needs to gain more traction online, bring in new and repeat business, improving your online visibility in Google.

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Clicks Marketing’s Wollongong SEO Services

Website Audits

To help your business rank well with search engines, including Google, we consider over 200 ranking factors. Our knowledgeable Wollongong SEO experts will perform a comprehensive on-site audit of your website to ensure that it meets the highest SEO standards.

In the simplest terms, our SEO website audits are an effective way to evaluate websites to determine how search-engine-friendly they are. For a website to rank well on the search engines, it needs to include specific markers, including, but not limited to:

  • Fast loading speed (so that all pages on your website load very quickly for users)

  • Robust security (meaning you have Secure Socket Layer “SSL” installed on all the pages of your website, including on all images and files)

  • High visibility (so that all of your pages are indexed in the major search engines in order to get traffic to your pages from the search engines)

When we perform an on-site audit and if your website doesn’t meet the required ranking factors of Google, we can quickly identify any areas that need improvement. We’ve helped countless business owners in Wollongong perfect their websites and reap the benefits of higher search engine rankings and results—and we can help you too.

On-site Optimisation

Also known as on-page optimisation or on-page SEO, on-site optimisation is the process our team uses to directly improve, or enhance, your SEO Wollongong website to improve its search ranking in Google. The more optimised a website is, the more accessible it is to your potential customers.

On-site optimisation measures for ranking improvement, including everything from using the main keyword in a title of 60 words or less, to having at least one internal link within your SEO content that sends visitors to another page on your site.

With this set of SEO best practices, you, your customers, and your company can have the best online experience and results possible.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO goes beyond the content itself into the very framework of your website. These website and server optimisations allow Google’s search engine spiders to crawl and index your site more effectively. The primary benefit of this service is an improvement in organic (SEO) search rankings.

Search engines such as Google prefer to give higher rankings to websites with specific technical characteristics, such as:

  • Responsive site design

  • Fast loading speed

  • Secure connections

Our highly experienced and thorough team use an in-depth, technical SEO checklist to ensure that the structural aspects of your website are up to par.

Competitor Research

Our SEO service Wollongong evaluates your competitors, whether here in Wollongong or elsewhere, and create an analysis of their online presence, including their digital marketing SEO strategies, strengths and weaknesses. We recognise the importance of understanding how high-ranking competitors operate, which is why this is one of our top priorities.

With competitor analysis, we can identify any SEO tactics your competition is using that works and those that don’t, then roll that data into your customised SEO Wollongong plan. That’s not to say you’ll be “copying” the competition. Rather we’ll learn from their successes and their mistakes and build on that—it’s just one piece of the SEO puzzle.

Keyword Research

Before getting to work optimising your website, our team at Clicks Marketing will conduct personalised keyword research for your specific business industry or market. Keyword research is a crucial aspect of SEO because it tells you:

  • What people search for online
  • Which keywords your competitors are ranking for
  • Where you currently rank for relevant keywords

This research takes the guesswork out of which words or phrases will yield the best possible results when implementing the best SEO practices. Keyword research is how we guarantee our clients’ online success when implementing our SEO strategies.

Our SEO Wollongong specialists will provide you with a perfectly customised keyword analysis report after finishing our research. Then, we’ll help you select the most appropriate keyword terms and phrases to target your ideal customers. We’ll also suggest keywords to use for digital marketing purposes based on the information we collect from your website.

Content Strategy

Filling each page of your website with rich, informative, SEO optimised content is one of the best ways to enhance an effective SEO strategy. Our team knows how to create and market keyword rich, specific content for each page of your website, to attract more online viewers, convert traffic into paying customers, and keep customers coming back to your business time and time again.

Our goal is to help your business achieve the highest ranking in Google’s search engine results. With a robust content marketing strategy, we’ll improve the user experience on your website by delivering relevant keyword rich content to your customers that speak to their specific needs as they search the web for an answer to their problem.

Clicks Marketing is home to a wide array of content marketing experts who can professionally provide your business with keyword rich content creation, design, publishing, and much more.

Link Building

Search engine algorithms use links within website content as a way to determine the page’s relevance. As a link-building company, Clicks Marketing have the expertise to develop an in-depth analysis for your website, including a list of influential websites and authorities in your industry to link back to, and relevant topics for your field.

Small, family-run businesses can benefit greatly from SEO services in Wollongong. Our small business SEO practices allow Wollongong based business of any size to compete for the coveted spot on the first page of Google’s search engine results.

We provide positive long lasting SEO results by driving organic traffic to your website, and then converting that traffic into dedicated customers that keep coming back. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, or get more calls and leads, our SEO Wollongong efforts will deliver the results that you are looking for.

Local SEO Wollongong involves taking steps to boost the online visibility of business that offer face-to-face services to consumers. If you have a brick-and-mortar business in Wollongong with a specific service area where customers can directly purchase your products and services, local SEO is for you.

At Clicks Marketing, we can optimise your website to meet local search engine’s requirements and ensure your site pops up on Google Maps when people search for businesses like yours nearby. This process requires a thorough analysis of the market, as well as a clear understanding of how local consumers search online for specific products and services.

Though TV, radio, and print ads are practical marketing tools, local SEO services yield a much better return on investment for your business.

At Clicks Marketing, above all, we specialise in providing customised, highly rewarding SEO solutions. Through effective and well practiced SEO strategies, we tailor our approach to work directly for your business and it’s specific SEO needs.

We take your goals and business objectives into careful consideration when applying optimisation efforts. Our mission is to develop customised strategies and tactics to help your brand boost its search engine visibility. With our help, you can stand above the competition and hold the prestigious number one spot on Google.

SEO Help That Fits Your Priorities and Budget

Because we offer such a wide selection of SEO services, you can count on getting the specific SEO help you need without exceeding your budget. Regardless of how much you can afford to spend on digital marketing, we can customise our SEO services in Wollongong to meet your individual needs.

If you have a business in Wollongong and need professional assistance improving your search engine ranking and online presence, don’t hesitate to contact our expert SEO team at Clicks Marketing. We can discuss your options and see which of our SEO services will work best for your needs and budget. As a leading local Wollongong SEO company, our mission is to help Wollongong businesses make a lasting impact online.

Is SEO Worth the Money?

Even more so in 2021, SEO plays a major role in Google rankings for your business. SEO is not a dying industry. Rather, it just keeps gaining momentum. Without SEO implementation and help, Wollongong businesses are lost online. Each page of your website is a valuable asset that can be working for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, when SEO is implemented purposefully on each individual page.

Though many businesses use PPC or pay-per-click advertising to target specific groups, consumers deliver 8.5 clicks on organic search resultsfor every PPC click, and about 53% of all trackable website traffic comes from organic searches.

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Search engine algorithms consider organic, non-paid results more valuable than paid ads. Although PPC ads have a slightly higher consumer conversion rate, organic search results have more clicks long-term.

Optimising your website using proven SEO strategies tailored to your brand, produce long lasting results. Average SEO services costs between $2,000 to $3,000 a month in Australia to implement standard, yet specific, SEO strategies into a website. The long-term benefits of SEO outweigh the initial monthly cost and commitment, bringing unrivalled results and benefits to Wollongong business owners.

Wollongong SEO Services

The Gong, as locals affectionately call it, is a seaside city on a narrow strip of coastal land about 68 kilometres south of central Sydney, between the Pacific Ocean and the Illawarra escarpment. After Sydney and Newcastle, Wollongong is the third-largest city in New South Wales. Clicks Marketing SEO services have the potential and power to significantly impact any business in the Wollongong region.

The Wollongong area is known for its continuous chain of surf beaches and the stunning cliff lines of the rainforest-dense Illawarra escarpment. Wollongong features plenty of natural assets, seaside villages, mountains, historic lighthouses, and the Sea Cliff Bridge, an engineering marvel that flows from the cliffs and over the ocean.

The Gong is also a bustling metropolitan area with a major commercial sector featuring big-box stores, specialty shops, and entertainment venues. It’s home to the renowned University of Wollongong as well.

With a population of more than 300,000 people serving as a hub for technology, food, art, and natural beauty, it’s no secret that people regularly search online for things to do, see, or buy in Wollongong. As a business owner in the area, it pays to invest in SEO.

Choose an Outcome-Driven Wollongong SEO Agency

When you need outstanding results for your Wollongong businesses website traffic growth, look no further than Clicks Marketing. As a trusted, local SEO company, we know how to implement and improve organic online visibility, boost traffic conversion rates, and increase business sales and calls through customised SEO strategies.

Our friendly and highly experienced SEO Wollongong team are here to assist you with any, or all, of your SEO needs. Don’t hesitate to call us today at +61 2 9136 1620 to take your online presence to the next level.

Clicks Marketing are your local SEO company.

We are here for you. Give us a call today to see how we can help you improve your online presence and increase your calls and revenue.