About Us

Jeff Webster - Operations Manager

Jeff has been involved in various aspects of digital marketing for close to 15 years. He has broad experience in the digital marketing space from project management of website creations, Search Engine Optimisation experience with keyword research and planning, to content creation and optimisation as well as high quality link outreach . His approach to customer success really comes down to simplifying customer requirements so that the objectives are met for each of the clients campaigns. Helping to guide our operational teams to focus on being excellent at delivering their parts of the process is what he does best.

Victoria Pritchard - Content Strategy

Victoria has developed a solid strategy for content marketing for our clients web pages to perform in organic search. With a strong understanding of topic and keyword clusters as well as TF-IDF (a statistical measure that evaluates how relevant a word is to a document) analysis, she guides our content producers to create content that is not only engaging to the end user, but also creates a content structure that the search engines absolutely love. Her approach to content production and ranking that content works in very closely with our SEO team to help that content rank in the search engines.

“The top of the content silo typically always involves a high impression search term, and there is almost always opportunities to create a solid content silos with tens or hundreds of supporting keywords within those silos. This is where the magic often happens in the content marketing.”


Glen Carroll - SEO Strategy

Glen oversees all aspects of SEO projects for our clients. With over a decade of experience in real world SEO campaigns, the approach largely remains the same. Be it a simple one page ranking engagement or several hundred pages. Working closely with the Content Strategy team, he plans out the outreach of PR and Link building with appropriate digital properties that can add value to our clients campaigns.

Glen’s team love to see traffic increases for each of the campaigns they execute.

“Seeing our clients go from minimal traffic to hundreds or thousands of new visitors is very satisfying.”

Clicks Marketing - SEO & Content Marketing

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