Reputation Management

Overview of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Reputation Management was once just simply a public relations term. The reputation of individuals and businesses used to solely rely on a consumer’s personal experience dealing directly with the individual or business, or the word of mouth from fellow workers, neighbours, family or friends. The evolution of the internet, as well as social media platforms, has since promoted the search results that people type into Google to reveal an individuals or companies reputation.

 Google has become the new and extremely powerful displayer of companies reputations for the world to see. Search engines have now pretty much replaced the good old fashioned word of mouth refferal. The public perception and first impression of you and your company can be made in one fowl swop of an online search. Many businesses invest in the services of an SEO company to get them to appear on the front page of Google. Once there on display for the world to see, its critical to keep a good online reputation. 

Reputation management issues that businesses and individuals tend to face online can be varied, and on occassion are through no fault of their own. The online posting of false and misleading information by strangers, negative reviews, bad press releases, harmful social media mentions, as well as overlooked skeletons from the past all have the potential and the power to turn into negative reputation management issues. 

Reputation management has the power to influence (and even sway), what a person thinks, feels and perceives about a brand, business or person. Where once media journalists, newspapers and TV news reports where our main source of information, the internet (Google) and social media now have given a powerful, loud voice to consumers, based on their dealings and experience with your company, regardless of the writers professional qualifications. 

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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the purposeful online controlling (and often at times concealing), of an individuals or companies reputation, influencing an outsiders perspective of you/your business and brand/your company. Your name, your word, your reputation. Nothing is more important these days in your online marketing strategy then having a clean name and good reputation. Public opinion can be swayed so quickly. Media outlets, such as social media, can influence public opinion in real time. The damage of bad press these days can be felt almost instantly to businesses whilst it may take months to rectify the problem. 

Reputation Management is Essential for the Health and Well Being of Your Business

Online Reputation Management is the purposeful online controlling (and often at times concealing), of an individuals or companies reputation, influencing an outsiders perspective of you/your business and brand/your company. Your name, your word, your reputation. Nothing is more important these days in your online marketing strategy then having a clean name and good reputation. Public opinion can be swayed so quickly. Media outlets, such as social media, can influence public opinion in real time. The damage of bad press these days can be felt almost instantly to businesses whilst it may take months to rectify the problem. 

Reputation Management is Essential for the Health and Well Being of Your Business

The search pages of Google are not the only way damage can be done to your online reputation. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube play a part, as these platforms also display public comments regarding your brand and business on the internet. Bad press does not come from nowhere.

By being proactive, problems that might have previously been ignored, or not even noticed by the business owner, can be addresssed before they ever reach the front page of Google. Investing in the services of an experienced SEO company with reputation management skills will assist with keeping your reputation healthy throughout the search pages of Google.

Reputation Issues Clicks Marketing Help To Solve

  • Negative reputation issues come in many different shapes and sizes.
  • When people use Google to search for your name or your business name, what do they find?
  • Are there skeletons from the past that continue to appear online?
  • Is there someone that has the same name or similar business name to you that has a terrible reputation online?
  • Are people mistaking this person or business for you?
  • Have you or your business been implicated with potentially being associated with someone with corruption or ciminal charges?
Clicks Marketing are very qualified and highly experienced company. One of our key skill sets is the ability to come alongside you to assist with the removal of damaging reputation issues found on the top search pages of Google.

Googles Search Engines

Lets face it, once information finds itself indexed on Google, it stays there. You cannot be there in person to explain to everyone reading this information that the data is incorrect, outdated or just plain wrong. Its highly unfair for individuals and business owners who are faced with these issues. Once there is a perceived negative reputation online, it can impact you as a person or your business for many years to come.

Marketing strategies through specific SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques are often implemented by Reputation Management companies to help establish and restore lost reputations in the search engines. If your online reputation has been damaged and negatively affected, there is help available to you to rectify what can seem to be an overwhelming problem. Clicks Marketing have successfully assisted individuals and companies restore a positive online reputation – even when all seems lost. 

The 4 Main Online Reputation Issues are:

Negative Google Search Suggest Results

When typing search terms into Google, a variety of different terms appear (Google suggestions), attempting to assist you in finding your search term. Sometimes, a negative Google search term can appear in the Google search suggest bar. This has the power to distract the user from their original search and intent, influencing their previous decision negatively. 

Negative Reviews on Google My Business

Google My Business is much more then a free business listing on Google’s online platform. Google allows your customers to connect with you in various ways – by calling, texting and also leaving reviews. With such an open door to publicly review your business, its not surprising to find that not all reviews are truthful. Not all reviews are made by previous customers either. You as the business owner may know that, but your potential future customers do not. 

Negative Reviews Appearing on Review Platforms

Did you know that 95% of people considering an online transaction will read the related reviews first BEFORE making their purchase? Negative press in the form of reviews really does pull heavy weight in your sales chain. Your public perception and image via your online platform is a very real issue today. What people are saying about you and your service will and does affect not only your online reputation, but also your bottom line. Clicks Marketing is an SEO company that is highly skilled in reputation management, with proven practices in place to deal with and rectify these issues. 

Negative Pages Appearing in the Search Engine Results Pages on Google

Digital marketing can be affected in a number of ways by a bad online reputation. No one wants their business or brand having negative pages appearing in the search engine results, smearing your reputation. This is not the online presence that will bring calls and sales into your office. Ignoring bad press in the search engines is worse then not appearing there at all. Implementing SEO to be found on the front page of Google is a devastating waste if your perceived online reputation is negative. Reputation management from an experienced SEO company can turn this around. 

What are People Saying About You?

Social media has enormous power in this day and age. When people know your name, they’ll Google your name. Peoples thoughts and experiences when dealing directly with you and your business cannot be denied.

Future customers and prospective clients are perceiving your standards of either excellence or lack of care factor by your public reviews and comments displayed on online platforms. These days people confidently ‘vote with their feet’, depending upon what they read about you online, without even having met you or spoken with you. This is the enormous power of the written word in reviews, Google’s search engines, as well as social media. Smart business owners and companies need to be across reputation management for the health, longevity and success of their business. 

Is My Digital Marketing Affected Badly by Negative Online Reputation?

Negativity in any form has the capacity to destroy someones good name very quickly. When the form of negativity used is in writing and on an online platform that you cannot just rub out with a rubber that is available for anyone to see and read – it can be very destructive. 

Many businesses invest much hard earned dollars into digital marketing to promote themselves on Google’s front page to increase brand awareness and sales. Being found on the front page of Google is a feat in itself for many businesses. To have all that hard work damaged by bad media is devastating to any business. Reputation management is a very real consideration today for businesses with an online presence found in the search pages of Google. 

How Can I Control My Online Reputation?

It is crucial in these days of the ever changing and fast paced internet, that business owners actually consider and take control of their online reputation. Many businesses hire the help of an SEO company to assist them with this important part of their business.  Ignoring your businesses online reputation can be a very dangerous misjudgement. Reputation management is a discipline that wise business owners build into their budgets to assist them with maintaining a clean, unmarked online presence. Clicks Marketing are a competent and experienced SEO company that provide reputation management services to protect your healthy, positive online presence throughout the search pages of Google.

Can We Help You With Your Reputation Online?

Clicks Marketing are a professional, long standing SEO marketing company that specialise in Online Reputation Management. We have come alongside and assisted many companies (both large and small) with their required reputation management. Through the use of specific SEO techniques, we push down the pages of Google negative online press, whilst allowing the positive online results to be found and remain on the top pages of Google. Clicks Marketing’s support is unrivalled in this arena of Reputation Management.

Absolutely. Everyone’s online reputation can be improved over time. You just need to know who to turn to for help. Clicks Marketing have successfully assisted many businesses with reputation management services in the search engines of Google. 

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a very powerful tool used in the online world. Knowing and having access to the right SEO help can be a real lifesaver to your company and its online reputation. Your brand awareness, credibility, as well as your potential clients trust and eventually clicks ands sales, are all impacted by your postive presence in Google’s search engines. If you are feeling the pressure of negative online press, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Clicks Marketing so we can have a chat to see how we can best help you with your online reputation. All is not lost, there are answers and solutions available to address poor online reputation issues. 

Reputation management is above board in most cases. There are some grey areas in the social media aspects such as the deleting of peoples comments and reviews from social media pages. 

The removal or pushing down of negative media on the search engines of Google, especially if what is being found is untrue, is an essential service for individuals and companies wanting to successfully operate on Google’s online platform. 

What's Involved in Reputation Management?

First and foremost, the most important aspect of Reputation Management is honesty.  Disclosing everything that your choosen SEO agency needs to know to assist you will only enable them to help you the best way forward. All of our online reputation engagements here at Clicks Marketing come with a non disclosure agreement (between both parties). It is not Clicks Marketing’s job to judge what other people are saying about you online. We just need to know if there are any elements of truth with what is being said in the public space of Google. Clicks Marketing may even be able to help you make some changes to your business processes to avoid potential future online reputation issues.

Find a Provider with a Solid Understanding

Once our team at Clicks Marketing have a solid understand of the root cause of the problems you are facing, we develop an individual specific program of work to start addressing each problem. Clicks Marketing will obtain all the digital assets that we will need from your company to assist us in correcting the public perception of your business. We will consult with you on what positive things you or your company have recently done so that we can introduce this information to the internet. The team at Clicks Marketing are able to remove over time damaging online content directed at your business.

Restoring a Positive Online Presence

Clicks Marketing offers reputation management specifically to the areas of the search engine results in Google. It is of upmost importance that once you have a public presence on the front page of Google that your message remains positive. Any negative media or reviews on Google’s front page has the potential to have a devastating effect on your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today if you are experiencing any negative reputation issues. 

How Long Does Reputation Management Take to Kick In?

Online Reputation Management is a complex problem to solve. If the issues are small, it would normally take anywhere from two to five months to address the issues at hand (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer – depending on the situation). If you have been impacted by all of the 4 main online repuation issues, it will largely come down to budget to determine the time frame.

Clicks Marketing have worked with individuals and companies who wanted their negative media issues fixed straight away. These budgets were set much higher so that we had the resources needed to address everything fast. Other companies did not have the budgets required to address the problems quickly, which meant Clicks Marketing needed to work at a more medium pace to gradually fix the issues at hand. Budget usually always determines the time frame (within reason).

How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

The honest answer to this question is – it depends! If you have only a minor reputation management issue to fix, the cost could start out being $3000 to setup the program of works, then around $2000 a month progressively for three months to fully address. For the more severe cases, where the you have been impacted by the 4 main reputation issues above, this will most certainly be more expensive. Typical costs based on severe negative online reputation issues for companies have started at $30,000 for the initial setup of the program of works, and then around $10,000 per month to fully address the issues.

We Don’t Work With Everyone

In most cases, Clicks Marketing do not work with individuals or businesses who have been charged by law enforment or been found guilty in court for a crime they have committed. If you feel that you have legal grounds to have certain information removed based on this kind of scenario, Clicks Marketing recommend that you seek legal counsel to help solve and recitfy your online reputation.

There are other avenues available directly through Google to monitor your online identity, and to request the removal of certain online content from the web. 

Are You Ready For Us To Help Solve Your Online Reputation Issues?

Reputation management is a specialized skill. There are not many SEO companies around who successfully offer this service within the search pages of Google. Not with confident results. The team at Clicks Marketing confidently provide this service. In fact, we thrive in providing this service – it is our specialty.

Clicks Marketing Bring Results.

Clicks Marketing have been called upon time and time again to assist business owners with their reputation management in the specific area of Google’s search engines. We are an experienced Reputation Management company. If reputation management is what you need – that is who we are and what we have to offer you. 

Get in Touch With Us Today.

Building and protecting individual’s and companies profiles and reputations in Google’s online world is what Clicks Marketing was born for. We would love to hear from you and discuss your online reputation requirements. Remember, we do not judge for what others are saying about you online. Rather, we take great joy in helping you address and rectify these issues to produce a clean, healthy perception of you and your business online. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Clicks Marketing support and skill set is unrivalled in the marketplace for Reputation Management in the search pages of Google.

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