Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Have you ever wondered whats SEO? Or what is search engine optimization SEO?

Have you been wanting to know what SEO means? What is SEO and How it Works?

These are very common questions that many people ask all the time when they are looking to promote the pages on their website to get traffic from Google or other search engines.

If we were to define SEO in basic terms – it would simply be enabling your website to be ranked and found on the first page of google. How do search engines rank sites?

They use equations called algorithms to decide what sites are the most relevant to the search that users are looking for. Several factors are considered when search engines determine page positions. The quality of sites linking back to yours, and what the search engine thinks the topic of your site is about when looking at the content on each page are two important factors.

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet. Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your site through organic search engine results. This is a simple SEO definition.

Search Engine Optimization is the process that makes it easy for Google to find your website, then rank it against similar websites. When people do a google search for your service or product, you need your website to appear before them. SEO techniques are used that enable the search engines to find the information that you have purposefully published as content on the pages of your site. Google search optimization is no easy task, but it does bring great rewards to those who invest in its possibilities.

Search engine optimization has quickly taken over as the preferred online advertising platform compared to the now outdated Yellow Pages. SEO provides you an online business advertising presence, enabling people to find you when they search google for businesses like yours, simply by the click of a button. Imagine that, a world of new customers awaiting you on the other side of implementing SEO search engine optimization.

Nothing can boost your business sales more then having your website ranking Australia wide on the first page of google. Website optimisation is a critical tool for business owners across Sydney. SEO optimisation provides a natural flowing sales funnel that works for you, even when you are not in the office, building up over time. SEO meaning in business can be considered equivalent to increased leads, sales and income.  SEO makes your website rank climb over time to eventually arrive on the front page of google. Organic SEO is when unpaid traffic continually arrives at your site through the implementation of SEO techniques. Organic unpaid traffic (SEO) takes a bit more time to kick in compared to paid traffic, but the results are well worth the wait.

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How Does SEO Work?

Search engines such as google, go from site to site collecting information about each page that has been uploaded. This is why website optimization is so important – it ensures that each page is relevantly prepared to Google’s liking. This information is then put into an index. Pages in the index are then analyzed by algorithms. Hundreds of ranking factors are then taken into account, which then determines the order in which each page will appear in the search results (Google) for any given query. SEO optimization requires a few important factors to enable Google to assess your site for where you will appear for the search engine rankings.

The written content on the pages of your site are a main factor contributing enormously to your site rank in google. Your website and its text should be reader friendly, engaging with your site visitors to stay on your page for as long as possible as they search website, absorbing your content and message to them. Google search optimisation responds well to and relies upon quality content that is thoughtfully planned and purposefully written. Web optimization is all about this – tying the information on all your pages together.

Keyword research is also a key factor for content building. Knowing the keywords that your potential clients are typing into google is key. Clicks Marketing always provide keyword research and analysis before starting any new work. There is no point making pages for keywords that no one is searching for – that’s a complete waste of time, money and resources. We target what people are actually searching for online.

Google Search Engine Optimisation

Can My Business Get to the Front Page of Google?

SEO is one of the most powerful advertising tools any business owner can have access to. With website optimisation Google provides an extremely popular platform for customers to find you and your products/service. During the process of search engine optimisation google will pick up your text and content and over time, push your site up onto the first page of google. Without search engines such as Google search engine optimization will not work. 

Every business owner wants and needs their business to be seen. To be visible. Your competitiors probably are already using SEO to be found on the front page of Google. With the correct strategy and assistance, you can too. Did you know that the further down the search engines you are, the more invisible you become? Businesses on page 3 of google are almost invisible. Its like a surfboard in the middle of the ocean. No one knows its there. Thats why the front page of google is always the ultimate goal.

How to SEO Website?

How to do SEO for my website is a big question. An often daunting question that leaves many a blank stare around the board room table. A beginners guide to SEO is not as easy to follow as it may sound. Even the best SEO tutorial can be confusing and difficult to follow. SEO optimisation tips do not give the full overview. Many business owners are aware of SEO and the wonderful results that it can bring. But to actually implement how to do search engine optimization, from start to finish, themselves on their own site can leave business owners feeling lost and stuck as to where to start.

This is why Clicks Marketing are here. We know how to use SEO to bring you driven results for your sales funnel. Clicks Marketing knows how to improve SEO on your site to bring you much greater results on the search engines. In time, you will watch your website SEO ranking climb higher and higher as we provide your business with our SEO services. Clicks Marketing provide businesses across Sydney and around the country with exceptional SEO help and assistance. Do not hesitate to be in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Why Does Your Business need SEO?

Did you know that on average only around 10% of internet users continue their Google search onto Page 2 when searching the internet for a product or service? Hence the importance of strategically planning your website content, (which is your online voice), enabling a high ranking on the first page of Google. Simply put, to be found in Google your business needs search engine optimization. You cannot afford not to be there – especially if your competition already is. You can improve website SEO through the implementation of a specifically targeted campaign.

Not many business owners have SEO “how to” knowledge – and that’s ok. SEO how to takes time alongside purposeful intent and hard work. The desired end results of SEO will be your business search engine ranking appearing on page 1 of Google, increased internet user traffic. along with increased leads, sales and phone calls. Search engine optimization takes a little bit of time to kick in, but once your results start appearing on the first pages of Google, you will be pleasantly surprised at the return on investment.

What Does SEO Mean in Marketing Terms?

What is SEO marketing? SEO and marketing go hand in hand. To be successfully found in Google, you cannot have one without the other. SEO marketing brings a whole new customer base to your doorstep. A search engine optimised website with targeted content will bring prosperous results once the campaign is fully firing up.

Improved Website Rank

Improved website rank means more traffic, more leads and more revenue. Strategic content filled pages will help improve your site rank, meaning that when customers type in specific keywords your online presence will be more visible to them. Visibility is everything. Achieving first page visibility is the goal achieved through and by a competent SEO company with a plan and strategy.

Increase in Calls & Sales

Increase SEO and you'll increase results. The higher up the search engines you are for each page on your website, the more people will find you. Being found and seen as well as delivering a clear message on what you offer will only bring you more and more rewards. Once at the top of Google, remaining there is no easy feat. Your SEO team need to be adaptive, flexible and vigilant. Google will not be fooled. Its algorithm changes continuously in unexpected ways. Once you are at the top of Google, it is our aim to keep you there!

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly optimization is necessary for your site pages to display on mobile devices. Having your site and content available on mobile devices gives everyone, everywhere, the opportunity to have the same experience and value as a desk top user. At least 50% of Google enquiries are made on a mobile device. Each year, the mobile user base percentage increases towards mobile users. So its very important to not overlook your mobile optimisation strategy. People are going to use their mobile device at the exact time they are looking for something. Mobile searches are usually very specific, with people searching for opening hours, address details, etc. People want and need mobile results straight away. Google treats mobile searches very seriously. So much so that they have a search engine index specifically for mobile results!

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Search engine optimization tips can assist business owners as they consider implementing SEO. A Google SEO starter guide or an seo basics/seo for beginners blog may give you some ideas (provided the information is correct). Website search engine optimisation should be something that everyone in your business has a basic understanding of. Google is your biggest marketplace and a wise business owner will ensure employees are constantly mindful of this. Google SEO tips can make all the difference for your staff and can assist with overall web optimisation.

Buidling a solid site with a strong message, as well as clear, easy navigation will definitely assist the search engines ranking your site quickly and easily. Having repeat customers return to your site sends a loud message to Google as user experience also plays a part in your rankings.

When considering how to optimise SEO, understanding your customers online behaviour is a good place to start. What keywords are they typing into Google in their search for solutions to their problem? Keyword research is essential in the beginning stages of any search engine optimisation SEO planning. 

What part of the buying cycle is your potential customer up to? Are they just researching? Do they actually have a problem and need a solution? Or have they formed some sort of trust with you and are ready to purchase? Your online presence and content should give guidance, information, as well as a solution for them to take action when they have made a decision. Remember, part of the goal here is to keep the potential customer on your page while they solve their problem.

Consider the text and content on your website pages to be as pure gold. Each word should be written specifically to provide your customer with information and answers to what they are looking for, as well as providing a pleasant user experience. In essence, this will also act to improve your search engine ranking in Google. Keeping your customers informed with up to date information as they site search through your pages will eventually assist the sales process to go through smoothly.

Fresh new content added to your site keeps your site up to date, as well as possibly enticing google to revisit your site, with possible ranking improvements. When creating content for each page, put emphasis on your customer reading the text, not Google. You also need to consider deficiencies on your page. Does your page included words and phrases that your competitors have on their pages (that are already ranking on Page 1 of Google)?

Keywords are the words people type into Google when they are going to do an online search for something. Matching the words people type in to Google to the words on your site is an important part of SEO. Popular keywords may have a lot of competition, therefore a greater effort is often required to achieve desired rankings. Ensure your content reads naturally even when including these keywords.

There is no need to be alone in trying to implement any of the above strategies. Finding a trusted company like Clicks Marketing to come alongside you and your business with an SEO strategy will cause your phone to ring with qualified leads. Clicks Marketing takes the guess work out of SEO.

Clicks Marketing Can Help

Who are we? What is a SEO Company?

Clicks Marketing are a highly experienced SEO search engine optimisation company. We offer search engine optimisation Australia wide. Clicks Marketing is a local, Sydney based company. We provide top quality SEO services. Understanding SEO is our speciality. If you need some SEO help, you’ve come to the right place. We are known for website ranking Australia wide. Clicks Marketing knows how SEO works and have been involved in this industry since 1997 (before Google even existed).

Marketing SEO services is not difficult when clients have the realisation that they need what SEO has to offer their business. A lot of our new work that comes through our door is referral based from satisfied clients whom we have helped with their SEO rankings. Whether your business is Sydney based or not, we are available and able to assist you.

Website Optimisation

Clicks Marketing is a trusted SEO business. If you are looking to improve SEO and your website rank, you have come to the right place. Clicks Marketing implements only the best SEO techniques to provide you and your business with the best results. 

Clicks Marketing have quality, highly experienced content writers, dedicated to providing results driven text for your site. The content on the pages of your site is so important as this works towards your google SEO ranking. Our content writers are skilled at incorporating SEO keywords to your sites content, whilst still ensuring the text reads naturally. Our content writers are trained with the latest analysis tools to make sure that your content becomes least imperfect in Google’s eyes. There is no such thing as “perfect content” but when our content experts complete your content optimisation, the goal is to satisfy both your users and Google at the same time.

What is an SEO?

In simple terms, an SEO is a person or group of people who possess skills in optimising web pages on a website so that search engines can easy read and index those pages in a way that makes those pages appear and rank in the popular search engines. This is a specialised skillset. Business and website owners can reap significant traffic when search engine optimisation has been fully implemented on the website pages.

Our Basic SEO Packages includes:

There are a huge range of variables when implementing SEO. All of our customers receive the following in their individual SEO campaign.

Clicks Marketing have affordable SEO packages available that are tailor made for our clients. We know how to search engine optimization. If you would like SEO explained for your site, get in touch with us today. Our present client base are all over Sydney as well as throughout Australia and other parts of the world. We cater for varying budgets. We manage expectations based on the budgets available. Our aim is to always keep our clients and prospect clients fully informed before they egage our services.

SEO My Website

Clicks Marketing love to SEO websites. Search Engines Optimization is what we were born to do and have been implementing for many years now. In these days and times, it is critical that your site is seen and found on the search engines. Googles algorithms take into account the amount of time people stay on your site. Clicks Marketing’s aim is to keep people on your site while they find a solution for their problem, as well as keeping you on page one of Google long after you first arrived there. Let us help bring qualified leads and sales through your door through the specific implementation of SEO. 

SEO for Website – Determining The Budget

There are many guiding factors that determine the cost of SEO. Clicks Marketing will happily discuss your goals and put a strategy in place with the aim to rank your business so it is found on the first page of Google. Clicks Marketing use SEO best practices which will increase traffic to your website over the long term. You will be setting your business up to receive more enquiries, more sales and more profit. Good return on investment will be the reward gained from your freshly optimize website.

Is your business in a highly competitive industry with many competitor sites having similar or the same search terms? If so, you may need to invest a little more in SEO to see it pay off. How quickly you want to see results will also determine the budget required. If you have a broad target audience you probably will need a more broad budget to reach them all. Keywords play a critical role in your site rankings. The more competitive your search terms and keywords are, the more dollars usually are needed to support the work required.

To produce results that can be seen, Clicks Marketing usually suggest outlaying between $2000 to $3000 per month for the first 6 months to get you up and going (for a medium competition niche). By this time, results will generally be kicking in. In our first consultation (free), our team will direct and guide you to the best possible solution for your web SEO. An honest assessment will be provided for your consideration of any website and content changes that may need to be made, to compliment the proposed SEO strategy.

It might be that you are already ranking for some keyword phrases and you just need to hire us on a consultative basis to help improve the content and external link profiles for just a few existing pages on your website. In this case, we can normally build out a mutually agreeable one time cost engage of services. This is priced and quoted based on a case by case basis, depending on what your business needs. Single page content optimisation can start at as low as $300 per page (one time payment), depending on the amount of words required to be written. We can also do single page optimisation with a one time link building campaign to help that single page to rank. As you will see, we are totally flexible to meet our clients needs and budgets.

Link Building

Acquiring links to newly optimised pages will generally start at $250 or above to pitch to websites that are in the same or similar niche to yours and have existing strong authority and traffic in Google already. Most of the websites we reach out to for link building have a minimum of 5000 visitors per month. This is very important because if you get content posted on a website that does not get any traffic from Google, you will rarely see any ranking increases or traffic results. When our clients are on a monthly SEO pages (with no lock in contracts), we already include link building as part of the ongoing monthly service.

How Long Does it Take to see SEO Results?

Organic SEO results do take a longer time frame to see then paid traffic. Consider this. Everybody these days are seeking to be visible on the search engines as well as getting their brand out there. The competition is huge. It can take up to 3 to 6 months for an SEO online campaign to start showing results for you. But once these results show, this is where you realise you have hit the sweet spot. Running with SEO marketing meaning that this really is a long term plan – the investment and work into SEO never really ends. But then, on the flip side, the rewards never end either. Obtaining the top positions on Googles front page does not happen over night. Google needs to trust and validate your site, its content and linking before it elevates you to the prized first page of the search engine.

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