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Businesses now advertise online as the way we do business has changed forever. This makes SEO far more important for Bundaberg businesses like yours to stay at the top of their advertising game. With millions of websites already providing information to internet users in a matter of seconds, many businesses are now finding themselves struggling to cement their position in the top of Google’s search engine results. 

Ever changing algorithms don’t help to make this feat any easy either. That’s why it’s best to leave the heavy-lifting to SEO experts like Clicks Marketing. Request your first free SEO consultation today to find out more about our professional Bundaberg SEO services!

Some of the benefits you’ll get with us are:

  • Free first SEO consultation before you commit

  • Upfront pricing with no locked-in SEO contracts

  • Dependable and reliable SEO services 

  • 25 years of expertise in the SEO field

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Why your Bundaberg Business needs SEO

The key to a successful business online is having your customers find you – rather than you finding them. This means ranking high on the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google, with the help of effective SEO strategies and practices. 

Search engine algorithms rank websites based on the amount of organic traffic (SEO) it attracts, as well as the number of search engine users visiting each web page, and the amount of engagement received from the traffic. Websites that have high engagement rates and visitors are given preference over those that don’t. 

With this user-centric approach, search engines algorithms also rank websites according to how valuable their content is to their users, based on their engagement activity levels on these web pages. To get your website indexed accordingly, you need an SEO strategy that helps you make content that is relevant to these users.

Clicks Marketing can help with an SEO strategy that not only gets your website ranking on Google’s first page – but also ensures organic targeted traffic for your Bundaberg business that will guarantee higher conversion rates. 

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Ranking Your Business Website High on SERPs

Website content needs to be informative to search engine users and your potential customers. When you have new visitors on your website they need to be able to find what they are looking for, and if they do, Google registers this activity and automatically pushes your ranking higher up on their search engine results page. 

One of the best ways to create high quality content is to include relevant keywords for your target audience. Thorough keyword research sorts out what these relevant keywords are to be included in your content. This assists in attracting your targeted audience and traffic to your website that will convert.

Incorporating specific, targeted keywords in your content is not the only SEO solution to getting your website to perform well on Google. There are other aspects of SEO such as back linking. It’s important to note that search engine optimisation is a work in progress – it has many interlinking components that evolve with changing algorithms, market research findings, and even your digital marketing campaign analytics. 

There are several tools available that help understand how your website is performing, what’s working and whats not, and where you have had the highest activity. It is important to keep track of these analytics as these reports will help improve the SEO strategy you have in place for a better performing website.

Clicks Marketing are a professional Bundaberg SEO agency that provide perfect SEO strategies for Bundaberg business. 

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Bundaberg SEO Service - Clicks Marketing

You can get your Bundaberg business on the map with an effective SEO strategy. Clicks Marketing implement ethical SEO practices that help you reach out to more customers, improve conversion rates and make more sales. Clicks Marketing can effectively help you with the following Bundaberg SEO services:

Website Audits

Clicks Marketing’s thorough website audits provide Bundaberg business owners specific information on their website’s performance and potential for improvement. We go through your website with a fine-toothed comb to identify reasons why your website isn’t performing well on Google, and what can be done to change, tweak and improve your website for better Google search rankings. 

We then generate a detailed report that documents our findings with analytics and research along with suggestions for an improved SEO strategy to boost your rankings on Google’s search engine, giving your Bundaberg business a much wider reach.

Our website audit reports include the following:

  • Traffic levels on each individual web page of your website

  • Website performance on Google’s search engine

  • Website areas with the highest user activity levels

  • Keyword and metadata performance 

  • Detect technical and/or design issues

  • SEO strategies to improve overall website performance

On-site Optimisation

On-site optimisation re-looks at the keywords and metadata of your current site, considering ways to improve these on-site elements of your website. This optimisation assists in providing what your target audience is looking for, presenting your products and services in an engaging manner that can help convert traffic and therefore, get you more business from search engines such as Google.

Technical SEO

This SEO service takes care of the technical components of search engine optimisation – such as Google Webmaster Tools,, access, and 301 redirects. Improving your website’s technical SEO can help Google crawl your website faster and increase page loading speed, making your website more SEO-friendly. These technical components can be tricky, but Clicks Marketing have the experience to do this for you.

Competitor Research

Conducting thorough competitor research when planning an SEO strategy is a foundational essential. Competitor research helps determine what your competitors’ strengths and shortcomings are, as well as how you may enhance your own SEO strategy to outperform them. This research gives you clues as to figuring out things like your competitions current online strategy, enabling you to invest in one that’s better than the rest. 

The importance of competitor research includes:

  • Identifying new strategies that can help you market your Bundaberg business in unique and creative ways

  • Discovering new website design ideas for smoother/easier user-navigation 

  • Finding unique ways to implement SEO practices like keyword integration and metadata


Keyword Research

Clicks Marketing know how to find the ideal keywords for your Bundaberg business that will make your business relevant to your customers. Keyword integration is crucial to any SEO strategy because without it you are not going to appear on SERPs. Clicks Marketing have specialists in keyword research, so you can rely on us to find keywords for your business niche. To increase your online traffic, we use a range of keywords such as long-tail keywords, branded keywords and business-based keywords.

Content Strategy

Content marketing is the surest way to secure your business’ long-term marketing goals like improving conversion rates and assuring scalability of your Bundaberg business on the search engines. A successful content marketing campaign requires hard work, research, and a solid content strategy that helps meet your marketing goals. That’s where we come in – at Clicks Marketing, we take care of your content strategy planning all the way from keyword research, right through to high quality, key word rich content creation page by page, with assured scalability of your business in Google’s rankings. 

Link Building

Many business owners don’t realise that backlinks are critical to getting your website to rank well on search engines such as Google. Link building works hand in hand with your keyword rich content, empowering and enabling your site to rank higher and higher in Google, being visible to more people. Clicks Marketing’s SEO service Bundaberg can create a successful link building campaign to add more authentic, relevant and authoritative backlinks to support your content in the pages of Google.

The internet is the ideal place for a small business to market itself. The days of advertising in the ‘Yellow Pages’ are long gone. For a small business, the internet allows you to expand your reach to a wider audience in a faster, and more effective way. But visibility in the search engines can tricky for small businesses. Online marketing is a time consuming effort. SEO is one of the most popular marketing techniques used today, but it does require a set of skills that not all business owners have. Clicks Marketing provide a wide range of professional SEO services to small business in Bundaberg – don’t hesitate to contact us today for a chat to see how we could help you.

Businesses looking to expand throughout their home town should think about the keywords their customers use. You won’t be able to apply successful SEO strategies unless your page has the same words or phrases that your target audience is searching for online. Businesses that are looking to enter local markets in cities and small towns need to have more localised SEO strategies comprising of geolocations as well as relevant, local keywords. Focusing on your local customer base helps boost your local online success. Local SEO is especially important if you have a shop front that local residents may be searching for online to drop by to purchase from you.

If you need assistance with your digital marketing, Clicks Marketing provide flexible SEO options for you. Our SEO services are tailored to meet your specific needs. There is no one strategy fits all when it comes to SEO. Clicks Marketing never lock our customers into long term SEO contracts. Our SEO help is available in small or large quantities, depending totally on what your Bundaberg business needs. We provide many small businesses with simple, one page SEO help of keyword rich, high quality content creation along with link building for pages that seem to be stuck on page 2 or 3 of Google. So no matter whether your SEO need is small or large, Clicks Marketing are here for you!

How can SEO Help my Business?

As soon as your Bundaberg businesses website appears on Google’s first page – you will know. Your phone should be ringing constantly. 

A well-designed and well-organised website has the power to convert visitors into sales or customers. With easy navigation, visitors will find their way deep into your site, arriving without a problem to your sales page. Successful SEO strategies set up your website for easy navigation, directing visitors through your site to the end goal of purchasing, without them even realising it. 

The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase traffic to your website by improving Google ranks. But not just any traffic – qualified traffic.

Bundaberg businesses who ignore implementing SEO strategies on their website may end up with a pretty website full of fantastic, unoptimised content but with no readers – as the content is not found or ranked in the pages of Google. A website that is lost, drifting out at sea where no one can see it. SEO brings the power of being found online to businesses who realise the amazing potential of investing into SEO.

What Should I Know About Ethical SEO?

Choosing keywords that aren’t relevant to your industry is detrimental. Doing this will attract unqualified traffic to your website that will not convert. There are SEO practices that have recently been put together that can help boost your page rankings and gain you more traffic overnight. The glamour of overnight success on the digital space, however, is short-lived. 

For a good SEO strategy to work, it generally takes a while –  usually around 3 months to see solid results begin to show. The promise of overnight success with ethical, time tested and proven SEO strategies is not possible. Unethical SEO practices boost your business rankings on Google overnight using things such as invisible text with keywords stuffed, and/or fake links for creating sufficient backlinks. 

With unethical SEO practices, your website will be on top of Google search results within days. But if Google finds out that you are attempting to deceive them, your Google rankings will suffer. Therefore, it is very important to find a Bundaberg SEO service such as Clicks Marketing, who knows what they are doing, put in the relevant research and build the perfect SEO strategy with you for your business. Clicks Marketing ONLY ever use safe, time tested and true Google approved SEO strategies.

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How Relevant Are Our SEO Services In The World Of Digital Marketing?

Search engine optimisation is one of the things your Bundaberg business will need if you want to be seen online and get more qualified traffic to your website. Finding a reliable Bundaberg SEO agency is not always easy. That where we come in – Clicks Marketing can help boost your page rankings in Google by implementing an SEO strategy that best suits your business’ needs.

Clicks Marketing helps you rank above your online competition, attracting new clients to your business. We offer Bundaberg businesses SEO packages that encompass a wide variety of SEO services, from research through to specific strategy. Don’t hesitate to call our trusted SEO agency Bundaberg today for a chat to see how we can help you.

Why Should your Business Website rank High on the SERPs?

Having a niche-specific website isn’t enough to rank well in Google.There may be many other websites similar to yours targeting the same keywords as you. If you’re serious about growing your business, it’s time to engage Clicks Marketing’s SEO services Bundaberg.

We make sure we doing everything we can to ensure that your website is one of the first results when people search for a specific service or product that you offer. Search engine optimisation, isn’t a ‘quick fix,’ but when the results kick in, you will know. It takes time to acquire traction and rank on page one of the search engines, which is why we provide SEO packages for the long-run so that you can track the steady progress that your website makes.

Hiring a professional Bundaberg SEO company for your project has many advantages:

• Save time with professional SEO help

• Improve Google ranks and dominance with ethical SEO implementation

• Optimise your online presence

• Increase website traffic bringing in qualified leads

• Optimise your website for strong, dominating search engine rankings

• Reach out to new clients at a low cost

Implementing an effective SEO plan on your own, especially if you don’t have much experience with digital marketing, can be challenging.

Clicks Marketing are a competent SEO firm specialising in working with Bundaberg businesses like yours to improve their performance and rankings in the search engines. Keyword research and analysis, link building, content creation and development and professional SEO management are all available in our inexpensive offerings. Our professional SEO services are intended to assist small business owners in increasing traffic and sales by helping them rank better in organic search results.

About Bundaberg - Southern Gateway To The Great Barrier Reef

Bundaberg, in sunny North Queensland, is recognised for a variety of things, including macadamias, fruit, turtles, and – perhaps most famously – its trademark – rum. Bundaberg is known as the ‘Southern Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.’ Tourism is an important sector throughout Queensland. Bundaberg is a popular tourist destination for international visitors, as well as locals travelling along the east coast. A wide variety of sights and activities are on offer. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a family with children, a couple on their own, a solitary traveller, or a group of friends.

Bundaberg is a vibrant city with a rapidly growing population and expanding economy. It is the largest single retail centre between Brisbane and Rockhampton.

There are more than 6000 industries in this region. If you want your Bundaberg business to stand out whenever a relevant search query is made, rely on Clicks Marketing to help you connect with the people who are actively looking for businesses like yours, in Bundaberg. Providing professional SEO techniques, you will not be disappointed.

Choose the Best SEO Company Bundaberg Has to Offer

Clicks Marketing understand the importance of search engine marketing in Bundaberg. We provide professional SEO services that you require to stay ahead of your competition. Clicks Marketing work successfully with both small and large business. With the help of an effective SEO strategy, you can put yourself on the map and be found amongst the top results of Google’s search engine. Clicks Marketing, the top SEO Bundaberg agency, can help you get brand exposure and reach new customers.

Clicks Marketing are a well-known SEO firm that serves businesses all around Australia. Our professional SEO services guarantee that your website will appear on Google’s first page.

To find out more about our professional Bundaberg SEO services, call us on 61 2 9136 1620 and book your first free SEO consultation today!  

Clicks Marketing are your local SEO company.

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