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Clicks Marketing is a Byron Bay SEO service provider that can help your business reach a larger audience online with a well-designed digital marketing strategy.

SEO services Byron Bay offered by Clicks Marketing:


  • Each Byron Bay customer is entitled to one complimentary search engine optimisation consultation

  • Experienced, dependable search engine optimisation experts

  • Website SEO that helps you rank high in the pages of Google

  • 25 years of experience in the SEO field

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Do you Require SEO Services for your Byron Bay Business?

To get your Byron Bay website to rank well on Google’s search engines, an SEO strategy needs to be put in place. Search engine optimisation isn’t something you perform once and then forget about. SEO requires research, planning and regular strategy implementation. 

The results of search engine optimisation can take several months to be seen, but once your results are visible in the top pages of Google, the rewards to your Byron Bay business will be well worth the wait. A foundation to successful SEO results is thorough competitor and keyword research. 

Clicks Marketing are a Byron Bay SEO agency that provide expert help in optimising websites, like your Byron Bay business, to rank well on the pages of Google. We provide a host of website SEO services to ensure that your website is SEO-friendly and ranks highly. 

Byron Bay SEO Services Offered

Clicks Marketing are a Byron Bay SEO service provider that professionally take care of all your online marketing needs. We help with your website design, ensuring that it is Google friendly and user-friendly, as well as planning strategic content marketing campaigns based on quality research. 

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Website Audits and Optimization

Clicks Marketing conduct thorough website audits of your current website, examining every aspect to see how search engine friendly it is. Based on this, we provide your Byron Bay business with a suggestive report on how we can further optimise your website by improving areas such as website design and optimising your website content.

Technical SEO

If you are having trouble with technical SEO for your website, worry no more. Clicks Marketing help to optimise your technical SEO practices and strategy by creating mobile-friendly metadata, as well as improving your current website design.


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Keyword and Competitor Research

A content strategy SEO plan is incomplete without keyword and competitor research. Clicks Marketing conduct thorough research into what your competitors are doing – such as their user experience, target audience, relevant keywords, marketing campaigns and more. Through this research, we can help you select relevant keywords, and build strong SEO strategies into your website that will make your Byron Bay business stand out in the online marketplace. 

Link Building

With a solid link building campaign, and by adding relevant backlinks to your SEO’d content, your content is given much more dominance and authority on Google’s pages. By continuing to create keyword rich content for each web page, that’s authentic and authoritative, then adding backlinks to your website, your web pages will be pushed higher and higher. 

Local and Small Business SEO

If you want to tap into the local market in Byron Bay, NSW, or the Gold Coast, then your SEO strategy needs to be localised and relevant to your customers here. This means understanding what your target audience in Byron Bay is looking for. Clicks Marketing have years of experience helping local and small business maximise their reach in their local markets with a search engine optimised website.

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Byron Bay, NSW - Gold Coast

Byron Bay is known around the world for its surfing beaches, scuba diving, whale watching, rural beauty, and relaxed way of life. A popular tourist spot near the Gold Coast metropolis, it is a site for more than 1.7 million visitors per year, both international and domestic visitors.

There are around 5000 businesses in the construction, agriculture, mining, import-export and timber industries. Byron Bay has become one of the most affluent residential areas on Australia’s east coast, thanks to the growth of multi-million dollar properties. Clicks Marketing is one of the best Byron Bay SEO agencies in the region. Contact us now!

Choose the Best Provider of SEO Service Byron Bay has to Offer

In this age of the internet and eCommerce, your Byron Bay business must have a functional website with good user experience and engaging, keyword rich, SEO’d content. Being found online these days is the most essential thing!

Clicks Marketing offer a wide range of exceptional search engine optimization services from which you can freely choose, according to each of your web page’s need. We help Byron Bay businesses thrive online! Don’t be caught drifting around at sea lost and not seen – let our professional SEO services put your Byron Bay business on the first page of Google. 

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