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Melbourne is often referred to as Australia’s cultural capital and is globally recognised as a centre of sport, music, theatre, comedy, art, food, film and television. Melbourne is the capital and most populated city of the Australian state of Victoria. Many a family and business have fallen in love with this vast but densely populated city, and have successfully made their home and work here. The popular capital has a population of 5 million residents, who are fondly known as ‘Melburnians’. Considering that almost 20% of the Australian population live here, it is not a surprise to know that there is a strong business culture throughout the city. 

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Frequently Asked SEO Melbourne Questions

How Does SEO Work?

Most internet visitors go online for a specific reason. They are usually looking for a service or product that they either want or need. To be found by these online consumers, Melbourne businesses need to find a way to appear before them so you can solve/provide what they are looking for. Clicks Marketing, an SEO agency, does just that for Melbourne businesses – makes you be found online!

SEO is one of the most important, and powerful tools available to Melbourne business owners. SEO Melbourne provides the means for your business to be found in Google, drastically improving your search engine rankings. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is the process of increasing the number of visitors to your website by continually ranking higher in the search engine pages of Google. This process of the search engines looking for, and implementing, page rankings involves some algorithm from Google. This does take time, but when the results kick in, you realise that it was time worth waiting for. Unlike other online marketing techniques which usually require a higher dollar spend, online marketing SEO services can be successfully implemented on a lower budget, with much longer lasting results. SEO sifts through the search engines, lifting your page rank, with the ultimate goal of landing on the first page pf Google. This is the premium advertising spot online. Landing on the front page of Google will dramatically boost your traffic, increase your site visitors, and also increasing calls, online enquires and sales. This result is a Melbourne business owners dream. 

How Long Does SEO Take to See Results? 

Organic SEO results do take a longer time frame than paid traffic. Consider this. Everybody these days are seeking to be visible on the search engines, as well as getting their brand out there. The competition is huge. It can take between 3 to 6 months for an SEO management Melbourne campaign to start showing results for you. But once these SEO results show, this is where you realise you’ve hit the sweet spot. Running with an SEO marketing plan really is a long term strategy. The investment and work into SEO never really ends if you want your results to show and stay. But then, on the flip side, the SEO rewards never end either! Obtaining the top results and position on Google’s front page does not happen overnight, but with a specific SEO plan and strategy from an SEO agency like Clicks Marketing, these results will happen. 

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SEO Melbourne Services

Clicks Marketing are a Sydney based SEO marketing agency providing search engine optimisation services Melbourne wide. We are dedicated to providing both large and small business SEO Melbourne strategies. Clicks Marketing work with only the smartest Melbourne businesses – thats because the rest don’t realise they have a problem yet. 

Our SEO services provide Melbourne based businesses withe the intentional implementation of SEO to optimise their website’s rankings in Google’s search engine’s natural, unstructured (organic) results. This SEO process involves understanding and analysing the techniques that search engines use to rank individual web pages – which in turn increases one’s website ranking in the search engine results pages. 

Are you looking for an SEO service in Melbourne? Clicks Marketing have successful and proven SEO strategies that provide powerful opportunities for Melbourne businesses seeking growth online. Ranking in the search engines of Google for competitive keywords related to your Melbourne based business makes you more visible to searching consumers by increasing traffic to your site, which ultimately leads to more enquires, and more sales. Just what every Melbourne business owner wants.

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SEO Melbourne Consulting

Website Analysis

Clicks Marketing love website SEO services. There is such gold here watching our Melbourne SEO experts take an underperforming, dormant, not optimised website and turning it into a user friendly, easy to navigate, thriving, search engine optimised site dominating in Google’s search engines. Maybe you have a brand new website with no pages ranking at all in Google. Simply by studying your competition to see what they are doing well, and how your pages can be improved is a large part of website analysis. 

Clicks Marketing provide you with related SEO advice and recommendations upon completion of your website analysis. Website analysis is a crucial phase before beginning any SEO strategy services, as it provides solid direction and a firm foundation to begin strategic SEO work from.

Keyword Research SEO

Many SEO factors affect the ranking results of a website. One of these SEO factors is whats commonly known as ‘keywords.’ Keywords, when included in your SEO content (after doing keyword research), have the power to boost your page rankings in Google significantly. 

Selecting a keyword, or keywords, that best suit your business, is an important step early in your SEO strategy. If you’re looking for an overview of keywords  and their search volume, check out Google’s keyword tool. By entering your target keyword in the search field, Google will provide a related list of keywords along with their search volume. Clicks Marketing are able to assist you and your business with keyword research to specifically target exactly what keywords will bring you the best results to increase your page rankings in Google. 

Content Writing SEO

The most effective SEO campaigns are based on the foundation of high-quality and purposeful written content for each individual web page, setting a clear vision, as well as presenting a unique and authoritative message on the subject matter of your Melbourne based business. Pages full of high quality, carefully planned and prepared SEO content, rank more highly in Google than others, especially when the content is full of related keywords.

Our SEO content writers know how to write content that ‘speaks the language’ of Google. Strategic, on-purpose, keyword rich content is a critical element of SEO services that will pull your rankings up through Google’s pages. Our talented team of bespoke SEO Melbourne content writers won’t leave you disappointed. Our SEO Melbourne company provide high quality, specific, keyword rich content, written strategically, for many different industries, with SEO results and conversion at the forefront of our minds.

Link Provision SEO

Clicks Marketing are highly experienced SEO specialist Australia wide. Our SEO expert Melbourne provides link services that pitches to websites in the same niche or similar to yours, that already have existing strong authority and traffic in Google already. Most of the websites that our Melbourne SEO agency reach out to have a minimum of 5,000 visitors a month. This is very important as if you have content posted on a website that does not receive any traffic from Google, you will rarely see any ranking increases or traffic results. 

Are Your Web Pages Stuck on Page 2 of Google?

When new clients come to us, they generally have some pages that are stuck on page 2 of Google. Does this sound familiar to you? If you already have a few pages ranking somewhere in the first few pages of Google, this is a great place to step up your targeted SEO strategy. Our SEO marketing Melbourne approach is to simply study your competition to see what they are doing well and see how your current pages can be improved for SEO, or further optimised for greater results. 

At Clicks Marketing, we approach rankings on your website in a simplified way, making it easier for the search engines to understand specific pages on your site, as well as for consumers search intent to be meet when they land on your pages. Approaching content marketing and SEO on a page by page basis means that we can focus on making one page at a time be totally optimised and awesome for your readers. As each individual page is optimised and promoted through link building and content marketing, the whole website benefits with SEO authority. 

For clients coming to us who are struggling to move past page Page 2 of Google – our job is not to be average. Our Melbourne SEO specialist would go through each of these pages with a fine tooth comb and look at what they are doing great and how we can do better. 

Melbourne SEO & Google

Clicks Marketing is a Google SEO company offering SEO services Melbourne wide. SEO and Google could almost be known as friends. They compliment each other. SEO provides just what Google is looking for to help your Melbourne business rank on its pages. When the two merge, a powerful force happens. With the correct SEO strategy implemented by SEO specialists Melbourne, Clicks Marketing, your company could be dominating the search engines with the highest rankings on Google for your favoured keywords. 

SEO in Melbourne is one of the most powerful tools that any Melbourne business owner can have access to. With website optimisation, Google provides an extremely popular platform for customers Australia wide to find you and your products/services. During the process of Melbourne search engine optimisation (SEO), Google will pick up your text and content and over time, push up your site onto Google’s first page. Without search engines such as Google, search engine optimisation Melbourne just won’t work.  

SEO Generates More Traffic To Your Site

Website optimisation Melbourne generates more qualified traffic to your website. And helps that traffic keep coming back. Again and again. Wandering, unintentional and unmotivated traffic is what we promise to NOT bring to your business and website. There’s no point sending traffic to your website if its the wrong traffic. 

Website SEO Melbourne work is done on purpose, with focused attention on many differing details. Our many years of solid, tested and proven SEO services in Melbourne bring these valued SEO results to the forefront of Melbourne based businesses that our SEO marketing experts come alongside and work with.  

Convert More Leads Through SEO

Engaging the right traffic leads to one result. More qualified leads converting into customers for your Melbourne based business. This is where the real ‘magic’ of SEO work happens. Turning people from browsers into consumers of your service or product is the end goal of SEO. Clicks Marketing are an SEO specialist Melbourne company offering Melbourne businesses SEO services that bring these fabulous results.

Retain More Clients With SEO Melbourne

Over the decades – many a great website has been built. But if yours is buried deep down, low in the search results, unable to be found by searching consumers, the bottom line is that you do not exist. It’s one thing to build a website, but a totally different thing to build SEO into a website. Both websites will have totally different results. Online consumers want answers instantly, and they usually don’t go past the first page of Google to find them. Our SEO marketing company Melbourne has all the SEO tools required to make you be seen online. On Google’s first page. The businesses that appear on the first page of Google are the businesses that receive the business! Don’t let your business be lost on the web. Let our SEO company in Melbourne – Clicks Marketing – bring you these phenomenal SEO results, allowing you to broaden your business as well as retain a high volume of qualified consumers that just keep coming back for more.

Optimise Smooth Flowing Online Sales Funnel

Clicks Marketing know how to use SEO to bring driven results to, and through, your online sales funnel. Improving SEO on your site along with your online message, will bring you a much greater volume of results in leads, call and sales. Having a user friendly website where consumers can easily follow your prompts once they have found what they are looking for is everything to a business owner. Providing clear and easy access to your products and services online is a real winner – for you and your visiting customer. Clicks Marketing love SEOing websites to enable a clear message to be told, easy site navigation, and a loud strong call to action for visitors to your site. 

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Stay on Google's First Page Long After Your Melbourne Business First Arrived There

Search Engine Optimization Melbourne is an ongoing strategy that once started and results are forthcoming on Google’s first page, require regular monitoring, continued tweaking and adjusting to keep the flow just right to maintain your first page dominance on Google’s search engines.  Clicks Marketing is an effective SEO agency that not only knows ‘how to’ rank businesses in Google, but also how to keep those dominant SEO results long after your business first arrived there. Our SEO experts Melbourne know what Google likes and how to keep your current SEO strategy ticking all of Google’s boxes. We make it our business to create long lasting, sales boosting, organic SEO campaigns for Melbourne businesses that never stop working.

Looking for an SEO Firm Melbourne?

SEO Melbourne can be a tough marketplace. There is MUCH competition for your business. Your business opportunities will open up enormously once you are found in the search engines of the Melbourne based pages of Google. Clicks Marketing are a proud supporter of Melbourne businesses, providing business owners with individual, effective, tailor made, SEO Melbourne strategies to help improve ranking results online.

SEO Melbourne services provided by Clicks Marketing are professionally offered to Melbourne business owners who desire their website to become a well loved and highly popular one, ranking high on Google’s front page. Your Melbourne business needs to be found on the front page of Google. This ensures that people find you. A lot of time and money can be saved when your website is executed and equipped with excellent, high quality SEO. The results that SEO produce far outway the dollars spent on having the work done.

Clicks Marketing are an SEO strategy company. Our team are not only known for being the best SEO agency Melbourne wide, but are also known for our extremely high SEO industry standards, work ethic and honesty. Thats why many businesses rely on our Melbourne SEO services. Clicks Marketing provide high quality SEO work, with proven and trusted results. If your business is looking for the best SEO Melbourne support, advice or implementation – please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and approachable team for a chat. We are here to help. SEO is what we were born to do. 

SEO Packages Melbourne

Our SEO service Melbourne is not a one package fits all service. Clicks Marketing pride ourselves in our SEO Melbourne offerings that are available whether the SEO work required is large or small. We offer SEO services and packages to suit every budget. With a solid range of SEO marketing packages available, as well as individualised options to choose from, Clicks Marketing your SEO Melbourne agency, can provide the perfect SEO package to suit you. No matter how small or large your budget or need is, Clicks Marketing can help you with SEO. For those who have little time or no skill set for SEO marketing and its implementation, getting in touch with our SEO consultant in Melbourne could be the best step you’ve ever taken. If you’re looking for more impact, our SEO Melbourne team may just be your answer. With no locked in contracts, you really have nothing to loose. Our work ethic is second to none. 

There are many guiding factors that determine the cost of SEO. Clicks Marketing will happily discuss your goals and put a SEO strategy in place with the aim to rank your business so its found on the first page of Google. 

SEO Factors to Consider

Is your business in a highly competitive industry with many competitor sites having similar or the same search terms? If so, you may need to invest a little more into SEO to see it pay off. How quickly you want to see SEO results also determines the budget required. If you have a broad target audience you probably will need a more broad budget to reach them all. Keywords play a critical role in your site rankings and SEO results. The more competitive your search terms and keywords are, the more dollars usually are needed to support the SEO work required. 

Already Ranking?

It might be that you are already ranking for some keyword phrases and you just need to hire us on a consultative basis to help improve content and external link profiles for a few pages on your website. In these cases, we normally build out a mutually agreeable one time SEO cost for engagement of services. This is priced and quoted on a case by case basis, depending upon what SEO work your business needs. Single page content optimisation can start as low as $300 per page (one time payment), depending upon the amount of words to be written. Our Melbourne SEO expert also can provide single page optimisation alongside a one time link building campaign to help that single page to find SEO results and rank well. As you can see, our Melbourne search engine optimization (SEO) services are totally flexible to meet our clients needs and budgets. 

SEO Results That Can Be Seen

To produce SEO results that can be seen, Clicks Marketing usually suggest outlaying between $2,000 to $3,000 per month for the first 6 months to get your SEO campaign up and going (based on a medium competition niche). By this time, SEO results should be kicking in. In our first consultation (which is free), our SEO consultant Melbourne will direct and guide you to the best possible SEO solution for your requirements. An honest assessment will be provided for your consideration of any website and content changes that may need to be made, to compliment the proposed SEO strategy. Clients on a monthly SEO package (with no lock in contracts), have link building services included in the monthly service. 

Best SEO Company In Melbourne

Clicks Marketing are here for you. We are a trusted SEO Melbourne agency. If you are looking to improve SEO and your website rank, you’ve come to the right place. We implement only the best SEO techniques to provide you and your business with optimal results. Give our SEO agency a call today to see how we can help you improve your online presence and increase your calls, leads and sales!

Clicks Marketing are your local SEO company.

We are here for you. Give us a call today to see how we can help you improve your online presence and increase your calls and revenue.